High Resolution WIFI IP Camera For Remote Monitoring

The Xiaomi Xiaoyi 720P HD Smart WiFi IP Camera is one of the latest innovations and offers many benefits. It allows you to view your home or office interiors remotely, even when you are not there. Explore the features and benefits of this camera herewith.

Main Features

The WiFi IP Camera switches itself on when you leave your home and has intelligent security features. It has a built-in microphone and speaker that support two-way data transfer. It lets you know what is going at the spot you have focused the camera to using your tablet or phone.

You can look at images and watch the recorded video at your convenience. It has got a 4X digital zoom and provides high-detail output. It has a 110 degree wide-angle lens. Other than real time viewing, videos can be played at any time. Use the micro-SD storage to save the videos. It captures pictures at 720p HD.

For saving videos it has a micro SD. Images are of Xiaomi Xiaoyi 720 P HD.

Secure Your Home

Get real-time information about what is happening in your home by using the new Camera. You can do so without even using a computer.

Using the app NetCam installed in your phone or tablet you can now directly view your aged parents, young kids and pets. You could be at any place and it could be any time of the day and all you need to do is to fix and focus the camera at the area you want to view.

The WiFi IP Camera offers a wonderful way for having an eye on everything that bothers you all the time, whether it is in your home or at the workplace. Be it watching your mischievous pets, ensuring that the kids are safe, or making sure your home is secure – you can watch all of them regardless of where you are. This will help you feel comfortable and safe about your family.

High Performance & Quality

Designed to offer best performance, it delivers a high end video quality with full HD 1080p. It is easy to install and provides you an immersive experience. It can alert you about any action taking place or any sound.

These Digital Home Gadgets available on GearBest.com provide real-time information about the activities taking place in your home or office to your Android tablet/smartphone/iPad/iPhone. They have a micro-SD slot to help save videos which you intend to view again.

When it comes to installation, all you have to do is to download the app and position your camera in the right direction that you want monitored. After that you don’t have to make any kind of payments for watching what is stored in it or for any other activity.

The main features of WiFi IP Camera are advanced motion & audio detection, and wide dynamic range. The camera comes with in-built speaker and microphone for high quality communication, allowing you to get a clearer perception of what is happening in the monitored area.