The Importance Of Being In Social Networks

The Importance Of Being In Social Networks

How many times have you been on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media platform and someone began “ranting” about your brand or product and then disappeared? It is a bad habit that, sadly, is used by a large number of people does not realize the importance of being in social networks.

If you think that social networks are a way of creating connections without having to know someone personally, then you would not think to be sailing with people in a room full, promoting your product and then expect people to respond to your favor. Sure, you would not do this, and these principles do not differ much from social networks.

The Importance Of Being In Social Networks

Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Be Social

Social networking is not hard sell, it’s about listening, talking, sharing, and generally cultivate relationships through the interaction of people with business and vice versa. Always remember people on social networks are potential customers and advocates of your product or service.

Success in social networks is related to building a voice for you, your company and your brand-one that is respected and trusted. Social networks can be “free”, but it takes time and dedication on your part to establish and maintain a presence and voice on these. There are no shortcuts.

Over time, through discussions and sharing of content, you’ll become a “voice” recognized in your industry. Share information, provide advice and even show people what you do, improves the perception of people about you in order to build trust and recognition. I am honest and have a good relationship with your followers -as they are more likely to trust you and much more to recommend to friends and colleagues.

Social networking is a great way to build a reputation for your company because it is easy and quick to share and inform, but also gives customers the opportunity to talk directly. Keep an eye on what people say about you on social networks, and if there is a problem, contact the person involved to see if you can discuss it and fix it.

Promote Your Brand

At the beginning I said no shouting your product or service, but that does not mean you cannot promote what you do. It shows people what you’ve been doing to include a photo directly to your tweet and ask for feedback or you mentioned in your tweets.

This can start a conversation and can make people not only bring you mentioned in your tweets, but also give you favorite that is a better way to promote yourself instead of telling people “I have this. Buy “.

And do not forget that if someone flatters you in social networks give credit, make them feel good and important.

Bonus: Special Hours

In addition to tweet to your followers only during the day, there are groups of people who have created a variety of “schedules” that lets you chat with companies or people over casually; It is something of a connection, but more subtle.

According to the master of social media, the best time to post to Twitter is 5:00 pm because at this time the greatest number of retweets is recorded. So try to publish at this time.

As for Facebook, the best days are weekends and days prior to this (Thursday and Friday); I also venture to say that lunch is also a good time because people start to see their smartphones while they eat.

So do not forget: listen, get hooked with people and share content with your followers. Create conversations with them and they see you as more than a brand.