How To Install A Basketball Hoop With Ease?

Do you love basketball? Then you would for sure love to throw the layups, jump shots and spend all your leisure time at home playing basketball. Fortunately, a small amount of space around the lawn or the driveway can let you have your own basketball hoop in your home. This way, you will be able to practice at any time, and get your skills enhanced. You will also now find that the leisure time is no more boring, when you find nothing good on the TV. Also, you try to rush home earlier to make sure that you are able to play your sport everyday. When you want to rectify the mistakes and modify the pattern of your game, then you need to keep practicing. With a hoop at home, this becomes very much possible as the in-ground hoops can be installed with much ease. If you are thinking of how to install a basketball hoop, then you are at the right place. Here is a guide that tells you about the installation of the best basketball hoop.

Things you need:

First thing you need to be sure is where you would install the hoop, at your home. Is your driveway the best spot, or whether it should be the garden that lets you to get enough space to practice? The place you have chosen should be smooth, and there should be no holes or any obstacles that would disturb your practice sessions. Get the in-ground hoop, and this is going to help a lot rather than the garage hoop. To do so, all you need is a few tools such as the screwdriver, tape measure, ladder, concrete mix, and  a shovel. You cannot miss any of these, or else, you will have to stop your work half way and then get them immediately, thereby disturbing the progress of work.

The Actual Task:

Start the work once you have got the tools and the place ready. You can do it all by yourself, and this does not mean that if someone offers a hand to help, you need to turn them away. Two more pairs of hands can make the task done faster and easier. You need to dig the hole to start with. The 2 by 2 feet hole is the right measurement. Stop digging the hole when you reach the dimension. Then mark the pole by 18 inches. You need to insert the pole only up to 18 inches from the bottom. Place the pole in the hole you have dug, and then fill it with the concrete. When the concrete is filled, check if the pole is straight. Adjust it, if you have to, and then continue filling the hole. Then you will have to leave the set up as it is for 48 hours.

When the best hoops are chosen, you will find the task a lot easier. Even video tutorials are available online. Go through them, and you will find it easier to install a basketball hoop.