Gifts For The Cyclist In Your Life

We’ve all got that bicycle fanatic in our lives who has dedicated his time and invested a lot of money in his/her two-wheeler. Who can blame them, since it’s one of the most practical method of transportation. It’s economic, healthy, fun, quick and simple. You can get anywhere with that baby just by using your body strength to pedal and arms to steer. With good stamina, you can last for miles on end, soaring through streets, forests, mountains, dirt roads and wherever else your will takes you. So if you can relate to your cyclist friend(s), why not buy him/her/them a gift, or two to celebrate that healthy lifestyle and acknowledge their aspiration. Here are some examples of useful, funny and even silly bicycle themed gifts that they will definitely love…

Phone Bike Mount

I think solidarity is key with this gift, because we’ve all been in that situation where you’re riding your bike, your phone starts to ring, or you get a message and you either have to stop to check your phone, which kills all the momentum fun, or to uncomfortably dig your way through to the phone in your pocket whilst pedaling and slightly losing balance in the process. This simple attachment on the handlebars makes all that trouble dissipate.

Saddle Bag

This attachable bag can be designed for men and women, all depending on style and taste, but, nevertheless, if you want your friend to have an optional additional container on their bike, this gift is perfect. Besides saddle bags, there are also very useful handlebar bags, too.

Contour Roam Waterproof HD Action Camera

This is one of the more entertaining and technological bike accessories because you can visually record your previous routes and happenings during your run. Just attach the camera wherever you desire, front, or back and see how things look like from a different perspective.

Monkey Light

This is for friends who like to show off, but besides fun, it’s also a practical bike light. This cutting-edge digital art can also generate mesmerizing circular images, unique graphics which are entertaining and creative. You can almost never get bored of them…

Vespertine Reflective Cinch Belt

This is practically for the ladies to accessorize any outfit with this reflective cycling belt. Originally made in NYC, this belt comes in three different patterns – White Flash, Citron and Blue Max. Oh, and there is a way to protect skirts from tangling with a chain cover, so guys, be kind enough to buy one as a gift to your cyclist lady friends.

Waterproof Bag Cover

If you take weather into consideration, I presume you know that your cyclist friends might also sometimes get caught up in a rain, or a storm during their ride. This caring gift will help them stay dry and clean if it starts pouring on their trail, as long as they remembered that you bought it for them in the first place.

Cups, Mugs, Clocks and Whatnots

It’s like entering a bike themed souvenir shop. There are countless examples and designs of cups, mugs and glasses with small bicycles, or certain elements imprinted on them. Nothing says more that you live and breathe bikes during your morning coffee, or afternoon tea than that. Clocks and watches, too, are stylized with bike clutches, chains and other particular technical components that clearly emphasize your hobby, even if it’s just hanging on a wall, or wrapped around your wrist.

The Banana Holder

This gift is a tad pointless, because you can add this peculiar contraption to simply hold your banana, or any other compact fruit. It’s placed where you usually hold your water bottle, but no matter how baffling it may seem, it’s still just good fun.