Why You Shouldn’t Have A Long Vacation In Las Vegas?

It’s probably true that there’s no place like Las Vegas in the whole world. On a daily basis, even not during the holiday season, people from around the world are coming to the city. Las Vegas is so attractive that some people with much money to spare decide to have a long vacation by renting an apartment or house for the whole year before they go back to their home country. Unfortunately, there are reasons that this may not be a good idea. One common reason is that the local housing market is over-inflated. This also applies for the house renting market.

Renting houses and high-rise condo units is actually only for the wealthy. People who want to stay for months or even years in Las Vegas should also about the city’s water situation. The water is taken from the Lake Mead and compared to seven years ago, its water level is already about 50 feet lower. Apparently, the water source is unable to cope for the demand of more than 2 million people. Many homes have swimming pools and they often have desert landscaping that result in poor water retention. It is quite possible that the water bill will be more difficult to handle.

Every large city has traffic problems, but Las Vegas magnifies this into a new level. Compared to other cities in the United States, Las Vegas actually has poor freeway systems. It is true because many people live in the valley. Las Vegas is also known for its aggressive drivers and there’s some police shortage issues, which results in fewer street patrols in some areas of the city. Most cities have rush hours only on specific times of the day, however, Las Vegas’ rush hour could happen all day long. This happens because many establishments in the city open 24 hours a day.

There’s also construction boom around the city, as a result, many construction workers and vehicles clog the street. Compared to other cities in the US, gasoline prices are also among the highest. For people who originally live in colder areas, Las Vegas ca have unbearable summer hear. Las Vegas is a new city constructed in the middle of desert and the temperature may hover about 100 degrees throughout the day. This situation could drain us if we are exposed to the climate for too long. There are no thick cloud and occasional rain that offer a little relief. The nearest lake is 25 miles away and its banks are scorching hot during the day!

Gambling can be the worst problem for people who plan to have long vacation in Las Vegas. It is likely that they stay in the city to experience long gambling sessions. Not only casinos, many bars, grocery stores and even gas stations have gambling facilities. It is easy to have gambling addiction in Las Vegas. Alcohol and prostitution are other problems for residents of the city. If we are in the streets and casinos for a period of time, they could offer us few drinks and a prostitute for free, which could give us immense problem in the long run.