How To Enjoy Seoul On A Budget?

Seoul is one of the most interesting winter destinations. Seeing couple skating across the Seoul City Hall, while being half-absorbed and half-oblivious with the gentle snow drizzle can be quite mesmerizing. Seoul is a multi-faceted city that’s full of heritage, modernity, youthfulness, advancement and romance. It is refreshingly alive and stunningly beautiful. Thanks to the K-Pop phenomenon, the culture and wonders of South Korea has reached far beyond Asia and captivate people from many countries, including from Latin America, Europe and North America. Although Seoul is clearly an elegant city with expensive image, it is actually possible to enjoy it on a budget. There are many good ways to travel in South Korea with little costs. The city is known for its inexpensive subway system, where people can be taken anywhere through several route lines. There are also bus stations that can take us across the city. When we are planning to go around Seoul on a budget, there are places that we shouldn’t miss.

Cheonggyecheon (Cheonggye Stream) was once an ignored area in the city. However, the long stream that stretches across Seoul is now bursting with attractions. It was restored by the Seoul mayor in 2005 and there’s no other place to enjoy our day other than along this stream. We could admire pieces of art around the place, while play with water cosily. It is frequented by families as a place to get a fresh break from the buzzing city. We could also see culptures, active aquatic life, wishing wall and a grand fountain. The cost if free and we could go those by getting off at Gwanghwamun of Line 5 or Jongno 3-ga of Line 3. Dongdaemun and Namdaemun are shopping areas near the Cheonggye stream. Visiting both places will engage all of our five senses. We will feel the people, hear the trade, while tasting and smelling the food. Obviously, our sights will be satisfied as well. Namdaemon is known for a retail and wholesale area with thousands of vendors, stores and shops. There are souvenir shops where we can buy masks, Korean dolls and other gifts. Odeng, tteokpokki and other street foods are also available at affordable prices. However, Namdaemun is closed every Sunday.

Dongdaemun is a place where shopping never ends. There are stuff on retail and wholesale here. We could actually visit 26 shopping malls, Doosan Tower and Migliore are among the most known. The area is also closed on Sunday. The Han River is another place that we can visit. The fresh breeze of spring blowing against our skin along the bank of the river can be quite enjoyable. There are numerous spots along the river where we can enjoy ourselves. During the summer, people would do physical activities along the river, such as roller skating, running, biking and playing Frisbee. Street foods will also line up near the rivet at specific times of the year. Insadong is known as an antique and art district that we can visit. It was once the area where aristocratic families resided.

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