10 Reasons To Use Mobikwik

A few years down the line there was a time when people had to rush to their nearest merchant for getting a mobile rechargeor they had to line-up and wait in queues for even paying their utility bills. However, with recent advancements in the ecommerce sector, these days are long gone. People now prefer to pay their bills and get a recharge online with sites like Mobikwik.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobikwik

One should use Mobikwik:

  1. For a Safe Transaction – Mobikwik enable one to get an online recharge through one of the safest online ecommerce portals. This site is rigged with advanced security features that make every transaction extremely safe.
  2. For a Phone Recharge – With more than 15 telecom operators to choose from, Mobikwik offers the largest range of service providers when it comes to a mobile recharge. Recharging your phone has never been as easy as it is with Mobikwik.
  3. For a DTH Recharge – One can also get a DTH recharge for their television from Mobikwik. It offers a recharge for all DTH companies. All one has to do is enter their customer ID along, amount of recharge and then simply go for payment options.
  4. For Various Payment Options – Mobikwik offers myriad options when it comes to making a payment for a utility bill or for a Reliance online recharge. Apart from credit/debit cards, there is net banking and ‘pay at your doorstep’ facility.
  5. For a Data Card Recharge – Recharge your dongle quickly with Mobikwik that offers this service for all service providers. All one needs to do is enter their number, select between post-paid or pre-paid option, enter the amount and proceed for a payment.
  6. For a Landline Bill – People can also use Mobikwik for paying their landline bills. It offers this service for all major landline service providers. Landline bills at Mobikwik can be paid using any of the preferred payment gateways or through the ‘wallet’.
  7. For an Electricity Bill – This is probably the most useful service of Mobikwik due to which people now don’t have to worry about lining up at their nearest pay booth early in the morning. With Mobikwik, electricity bills can be paid quickly from home.
  8. For Insurance Dues –Insurance dues of all major insurance companies can be now cleared online using Mobikwik. People just need to enter general details like their policy number and amount etc. before moving to the various payment options.
  9. For a Gas Bill – Mobikwik supports payments for gas bills that are regulated by Mahanagar Gas Limited. People can simply enter their unique customer ID along with the amount to be paid and then choose among the various payment methods.
  10. For Merchant Discounts – Mobikwik also offers cash rewards and discount coupons for its customers who prefer to pay through their Mobikwik Wallet for every single transaction that they make. These coupons are for food and fashion outlets etc.

Mobikwik can help one get a quick Reliance online recharge, a DTH recharge and also help people pay their utility bills. So, next time when you wish to get a recharge, choose Mobikwik for these 10 reasons.