HDMI Cables – Could You Really Live Without Them?

There has been a lot said about HDMI cables on the internet. It’s one of those hot topics that never really goes away (in certain circles anyway!). It’s a man thing really. Us men need to know we are getting the ultimate quality from our equipment and whilst someone may tell us quite convincingly that a cheap HDMI cable does exactly the same as an expensive HDMI cable we still have our doubts.

So what do we do? We buy a new HDMI cable of course. Notice that I didn’t say “expensive” HDMI cable there. Whilst we always like to think we have got the best quality we don’t like to think we are being ripped off. So whilst there are many cables out there that can relieve our pockets of £100 or more we stay clear of them because we fear we are just being taken advantage of and we men are far to proud to ever be taken advantage of.

Instead we research around a little (or a lot) and see what other people think and how much they are willing to spend. A pint of beer is about £3.00 and I don’t think it is unreasonable to sacrifice two or three pints on beer in exchange for a decent HDMI cable to ensure for the very best picture quality. Let’s be honest, once an HDMI cable is installed you can’t see it so there is no prestige to be gained in having one so it would be silly to go too overboard.

The chaps at ThatCable in Preston proved recently that it is perfectly possible to have a top quality cable for under a tenner and What Hi-Fi magazine awarded the cable 5 stars out of 5. Not bad at all for a cable available from £4.49. Even better is that there is a newer version of that HDM Cable available with the addition of an ethernet channel and 3D capability and made from 99.99% oxygen free copper.

So let’s not get silly in how much we spend but instead trust other peoples judgement and save time and money.