Samsung Galaxy Tab S: A Wonderful Android Tablet

Galaxy Tab S

Awesome and wonderful are some of the adjectives that come to mind when we think of the new tablets from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. This new family of tablet has almost everything that you can expect from a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: A Wonderful Android Tablet

In 2014, Samsung introduced this new family of devices incorporating a spectacular display with Super AMOLED technology as main virtue, however there are other aspects such as performance or design that are worthy of mention and especially we are surprised why Samsung finally has a high-end design in its family of tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S stands for many reasons, one of which is its great design where Samsung has pulled muscle to say it’s there. There is Galaxy Tab S 10.5 inches, but you can take it as reference for any device of the family saving the differences in size as usual are evident between one device and another. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 features a metallic edge in one case is gold going to play with the buttons on the tablet in addition to the start of the tablet that not being the same color button, if it has a edge with the same color to give uniformity to the device. The back (let’s forget about pre-judgments of plastic) has an excellent touch; even looking like quite the Samsung Galaxy S5, yes Samsung has finally improved the use of these materials and the quality ceiling.

The most important design is the homogeneity and compactness of it. With great dimensions that hold a great edge on the screen, but that lower thickness up to 6.6 mm and a weight of 465 grams. Must be the result of many hours of design to achieve these results that approach enough to tablets as Sony Xperia Tablet Z2, which together with the iPad Air is still our leader in the tablet market. The different inputs intended for microSD and microSIM card are protected with covers that make obscured from view. The USB does not have this protection and appears as a small bump on the side, the point is whether we should say it is flaw of this design which otherwise is as gorgeous to say.

At the rear are two “buttons” that are for the covers specially designed for these devices. These accessories like a case with keyboard are part of the design and make working with the tablet is much more comfortable. External keyboard cover that fits perfectly and it seems to be an extension of the tablet and not an accessory for its high level of integration with the device.

It would be little weird if someone complains about the performance of one of the best tablets as far as features are concerned. Samsung has bothered to make a device that excels in all sections not only on the screen as you know is the best feature on this device far. And Samsung is going to the same magic in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.