Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: Big Brother Of Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2

If we are saying Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is big brother of Galaxy Note 4 then we won’t be wrong as both are powered with the same specs and features, but design of bent screen of Galaxy Note Edge makes it verdict over Note 4 and similar this year, one more brother of Galaxy Note 4 is coming soon. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 would be more bigger in configuration and specifications.

 Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: Big Brother Of Galaxy Note 4

Of course we have to mention the curved portion of the screen if we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge series. And the results of curved portion of the previous Galaxy Note Edge are praising, as the response when we resort to it is correct and effective. If we want an application, press and open, if we change sidebar with slide smoothly enough. The answer is generally correct. We have to say something that worried is enough time to grab it. If you look, part of the hand touches this sidebar, but at the level of software is optimized to avoid being detected, only if we make a clear pulse. In general, the new screen is to incorporate a rounded edge part but has its utility. Not all you can expect, but it may become more useful with time, may be Galaxy Note Edge 2 launch will bring more application.

And if we to talk about the camera section of present generation Galaxy Note Edge, the quality of the pictures you take and also of the application that handles the shooting is pretty cool. Equal with quality offered by its “first cousin” of range, the Galaxy Note 4. A very sharp, fast almost instantaneous images and the result is great. Although the quality in low light is not good, but you are out of trouble and even more if you use the LED flash to compensate. And Samsung need to work on the next Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 camera but which sensor would be used is still unclear.

As the mentioned the speed of Galaxy Note Edge sensor with which captures the images is faster than any of the previous phone from the Samsung. Moreover, A high speed does not affect the image quality. As for the autofocus it works very well focusing almost immediately and no lingering almost for a second. Here there is nothing to reproach the Galaxy Note Edge. Everything is done very smooth with the camera section in Edge of present generation.

Previously, we also mentioned that Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 sensor could be rated at 27MP and this camera would capture better pictures than its younger brother Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and you can also expect the better quality in the 4K video recording. There exists no good phone which can capture slow motion 4K video, and if Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 able to reach this barrier then it would favour its fans in more positive manner.