Huawei Ascend S7: Another Mid-Range Phone From Huawei

Huawei Ascend S7: Another Mid-Range Phone From Huawei

Huawei Ascend G7 and Ascend Mate 7 – these are the first two phones from Huawei, which are out of the box are updated to version 3.0 shell Emotion UI. Now, by the way, it is called for short EMUI. The new interface has the presence of a wide variety of circular elements. Looks very stylish and cool!

The first thing that immediately catches the eye – it is the navigation keys. They look exactly like in Android 5.0, thus, Huawei at least in this parameter, but ahead of Google in the presentation of the new design to the public.

In the Huawei Ascend S7, the Applications such as voice recorder, FM-radio, world clock, timer and audio player best reflect the principles of the new design. Furthermore, they have a very nice and smooth animation. And has changed the shutter notifications and quick settings. As before, they are separated from each other on the two tabs. To me it does not seem convenient, as you need to constantly switch between them, but it’s a matter of taste and habits. All notices are arranged in a vertical list, and in front of each of them there is the time of occurrence. Very intuitive and again stylish way of presenting information.

Huawei Ascend S7: Another Mid-Range Phone From Huawei

The file manager is divided into two components. The first automatically sorts all the files by type and shows two dials with the percentage of filled space. The second tab – this is a common file structure in the tree structure. All the necessary elements are in the bottom of the utility that is always at hand. From the same program can encrypt the password for any part of the stored data in the device memory.

In addition, you can clean out unwanted applications that eat memory, configure notifications from different utilities to optimize power consumption and so on. In general, a kind of control point over the smartphone. Any program from, by the way, you can hang your password, thereby, to protect your data from prying eyes and curious. Again, this is part of the functionality of the phone Manager, which basically duplicates something from the main menu settings.

In its rightful place there is the possibility to go to the simple mode. Its appearance has not changed and remained the same as in the same Huawei Honor 6. For people aloof complex gadgets, this setting is likely to have on the soul, so if the fates decreed G7 in the hands of such a person.

Ascend G7 is stylish, has quality materials, perfectly assembled. Included is a protective cover for someone may be no need to purchase additional for your device. Overall, a nice performing device, but Huawei would not itself to the mid range devices, we would have a beast for 2015 from Huawei that can compete with Samsung Note 5.