Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Earlier this year, rumors persist about aluminium smartphone of Samsung, which will replace the plastic models. Indicates a completely new design, high-end hardware stuffing, leaving many waiting for “killer iPhone”. The smartphone was to combine the best of the best positioning on the role of the new flagship. Now, several months later, the novelty has become for many a disappointment. Galaxy Alpha really interesting smartphone in many ways, but the at role of leader it still falls short.

Except for the appearance and choice of materials, the smartphone does not have any technical innovation, just the opposite. On display you would have disappointment. Resolution “HD-Ready” and Pentile matrix for a modern smartphone is not relevant. They could be put up if the Galaxy Alpha positioned at an average price category, but with a price of 560 euros is really much for it. And we doubt its worth! There is only 1280 x 720 pixels display and the mere size of display is just 4.7”.

Well, Price justify by the three points: the quite decent equipment, excellent build quality, the camera performance is also nice but the 2.1MP front facing camera is a question as there is trend of talking high resolution and quality selfies. However, part of their usual advantages Samsung has left in the past. Memory is not expandable, battery life is fine, despite the display technology Super AMOLED, leaves much to be desired, the phone is not waterproof.

But you will get a new design. Here, Samsung has made everything right. Appearance of smartphone attracts, while there are differences from competitors. Smartphone comfortably in the hand and it seems expensive – here the high price seems justified.

But if in the detailed use of the smartphone, Galaxy Alpha in many respects will not overcome the iPhone 6. Despite the potentially powerful system of chip of Samsung Exynos Octa-Core, the performance of small and display, despite the technology Super AMOLED, losing competitor in direct comparison. In addition, Apple goes forward in battery life and overall quality of manufacture.

If the choice between the two smart phones, not paying attention to the operating system and the price, the advantage is clearly in favor of iPhone 6. If we restrict ourselves with Android, then for a comparable price of 470 euros you can take Galaxy S5. Or you can save and buy a Galaxy S5 Mini approximately priced at 330.

One thing is for sure. Samsung’s new smartphone Galaxy Alpha took the right direction. Let’s hope that in future models (Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5) weaknesses will be eliminated.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy Alpha:

  • High quality
  • The camera is above average
  • Removable battery
  • Enough powerful equipment
  • Lighter in weight
  • Android operating system
  • Contrast display

Cons of Samsung Galaxy Alpha:

  • The display has a blue tint
  • PenTile Matrix
  • Memory is not expandable
  • High price

This whole information was regarding the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and we hope we have answered your many question and the primary question that should you buy it or not?