Business Practices For Going Green and Saving Money

It can be tricky to be a business that desires to go green. You want to do the best you can, but you recognize your top priority as a business is to turn a profit. Fortunately, there are several ways you can go green while actually reducing expenses and generating additional income! Consider implementing some of the practices below to help reduce expenses by going green.


The power bill comes regularly for any business. Use this consistency to your advantage by making it a goal to lower your monthly bill. If you can successfully do this, you will literally be adding money to your bottom line each month. A quick solution for lowering your power bill is to swap out your old light bulbs with LED and CFL light bulbs. Yes, these bulbs are a little bit more expensive, but they will last longer and use less energy. One estimate suggests they will last ten times longer than traditional light bulbs. You can also purchase motion sensors for your lights. This will allow your lights to automatically turn off when rooms are vacant.

Green Printing

Printing can quickly become a large expense for any business. One way to tame this often monstrous expense is to stop purchasing new printer cartridges each time a printer cartridge runs out. Instead, work to find a supplier that offers cartridge refills. You can also select inks for your cartridges that are non-toxic to help the environment a little bit more. Also, strive to purchase recycled paper for your printing needs. You can also switch your filing systems from paper to electronic if you really wish to enjoy some savings by going green. Get your essential printing needs from an environmentally responsible vendor that will print for you on demand.

Reward Green Behavior

No business initiative will last long if it doesn’t enjoy support from the employees. Go out of your way to reward the green behavior of your employees. For example, you could offer prime parking spaces for vehicles with low carbon emissions. Provide your employees with refillable water bottles complete with your company logo. Offer to pay half of the bus fare for your commuting employees. There are plenty of creative ways you can use to get your employees motivated to make their workplace habits a little bit greener.

Business Practices For Going Green and Saving Money

Office Temperature

Consider reducing the temperature of the office workplace. Employees and customers usually will not notice the difference of one or two degrees. The savings over time from such reductions can add up quickly. However, be cautious in making sure your employees aren’t made uncomfortable by the change. You don’t want to be viewed as an Ebenezer Scrooge refusing another lump of coal for Bob Cratchit’s fire. If needed, you could always reduce the temperature only during the weekends or hours when the building is generally empty.


Check your business for drafts. Individual drafts may seem small, but they can collectively add up to leaving almost an entire window open for the duration of a season. You can purchase an energy audit from any number of specialists who will use technology to pinpoint drafts in your business. Once identified, you can have the areas professionally repaired. If you are looking to save a little money, you can also repair drafts inexpensively with anything from duct tape to draft pillows.

Use Technology to Commute

Reduce unnecessary travel by training your employees how to use many of the video chat options available on the internet. You will cut down on travel and lodging costs dramatically. Make sure your employees know the rules of etiquette when video conferencing with clients. Offer incentives for people to perform routine meetings in this way to save money. You can also allow your employees the option to work from home one or two days a month. Interestingly, many employees report increased satisfaction with their company and increased productivity when their employers offer the perk of working from home occasionally.

Get Involved

Have your business participate in green events. Consider sponsoring green initiatives. Offer basic classes on gardening or composting for your employees and their friends. Allow your company to spearhead green service projects such as tree planting or recycling programs. Your contributions and efforts will often be tax deductible. You will also be able to meet new customers and potential clients through networking with the community in this way.

Publicize Your Efforts

Once you have succeeded in going green in numerous areas, don’t be afraid to publicize your efforts! People are always eager to patronize green businesses. You will be able to harvest your green efforts through increased customer satisfaction once they know how you are taking the time to go green. Additionally, the reputation of being a green business will keep you and your employees motivated to continue your green practices. Don’t be shy about what you have accomplished to make the world a better place!

Does that sound like a lot? Don’t worry! All of these green solutions do not need to be implemented at once. Rather, it is best to slowly add these strategies to your business over time. Remember, you will need to make sure your employees are on board with a green initiative for it have maximum impact on both the planet and your budget. Once in place, you will enjoy knowing you are helping the planet while adding money to your business!