NVIDIA’S DSR Technology- A New Experience For Gamers

NVIDIA Corporation, founded in 1993, is a company that makes graphic processing units (GPUs) and chipsets. Its headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California, USA. NVIDIA’s chief GPU product line is called GeForce.

What’s New?

Among the latest features that released by NVIDIA’s new Maxwell-based GeForce GTX 970 and 980 graphics cards was Dynamic Super Resolution or DSR, for short. DSR is a way for a fast GPU to offer improved image quality on a lower-resolution display. In other words, you can get a 4k resolution on a 2k quality display. You might find it hard to believe, however, once you try it yourself you will be amazed.  DSR is gradually becoming a very popular feature among PC gamers.

What is NVIDIA’s GeForce Dynamic Super Resolution Technology?

NVIDIA has again introduced a brilliant new product in the market, which is the GeForce Dynamic Super Resolution technology. It produces excellent high quality graphics on any monitor by efficiently shrinking the graphics to the resolution of the specific monitor. This gives awesome 4k quality graphics no matter what the size of your screen is.

Gamers refer to this method as Down sampling. Down sampling has been a complicated procedure and requires time, effort and knowledge. However, NVIDIA’s Ge Force Dynamic Super Resolution technology has made it so simple that gamers can now enable these effects with just one click. This is sometimes referred to as super sampling.

For now, the Dynamic Super Resolution technology is only available on the Ge Force GTX 900 series GPUs. However, this amazing new feature will soon be added to other NVIDIA Ge Force GTX graphics cards.

Say Bye To 4k Resolution Monitors

With the introduction of the Dynamic Super Resolution technology, there is no need to spend money on buying a 4k resolution monitor anymore. This is the greatest advantage of DSR technology. Owning a 4k resolution monitor has its own benefits, however, these monitors are very expensive and it is a much better idea to get the Dynamic Super Resolution technology instead. Once you see how effective this new technology is, you will not feel the need to spend ludicrous amounts of money on a 4k resolution monitor.  NVIDIA’s Dynamic Super Resolution looks promising, and it will surely reveal many more benefits in the future.

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