Finding The Perfect Venue For Your Meetings Off The Beltway

Finding The Perfect Venue For Your Meetings Off The Beltway

Interstate 495 is an extensive highway that surrounds the bustling US capital of Washington, D.C. Often referred to as the Beltway, this circular stretch of road is frequented by owners, operators, and CEOs of corporations that do business with the United States government regularly. While D.C. may be a wonderful place to work, trying to find a decent and affordable location to host corporate meetings can be impossible. Most immediate locations are either scheduled years in to the future, or charge astronomical fees to rent. Fortunately, if you’re willing to drive just beyond the borders of I-495, you’ll find a broad selection of great venues in Northern Virginia and the Maryland suburbs.

If you’re planning to stay in Virginia, Old Town Hall in Fairfax is a beautiful location with stately appeal that could perfectly suit your business meeting. The warm and welcoming ambiance comes complete with original wood floors, rustic stairways, and brass chandeliers. You’ll also find the Huddleson Library on the second floor, providing a wealth of intellectual reading material for your attendees to take a peek at during their breaks.

The Carter Hall Conference Center is another wonderful choice. Situated in the heart of Millwood, Carter Hall is located on seventy beautiful pastoral acres in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. The campus is home to a large Manor House, its dependencies, and several other buildings original to the 1700s estate.

Another location you may want to consider is The State Theater in Falls Church. Situated just outside of Washington, D.C., this Art Deco building has been restored to the highest level in order to provide a rich and elegant space for events. If you’re looking for a visual masterpiece of a venue, look no further. The professional staff provide catering and other helpful services, as well.

Finding The Perfect Venue For Your Meetings Off The Beltway

One of the best places to consider in all of Virginia is Intellectual Point in Reston. This training and computer classroom space includes several powerful Dell Optiplex Machines with high memory and fast processors capable of running Windows XP/7.0 for your employees to utilize. If your meeting requires technology and devices to proceed, you’ll have access to printers, photocopiers, projectors, flipcharts, whiteboards, and more.

If you’d rather stay within Maryland, there are plenty of amazing venues from which to select as well. To start, why not check out The Fillmore Silver Spring? As the newest edition to the downtown historical art community, you’ll feel at one with the city when you host here. With over 23,000 square feet of space to use, you can invite over 1,000 guests and still have room in this state-of-the-art building. Included is a sound and lighting system, lavish interiors, and professional staff that provides an exceptional culinary experience to enhance your meeting.

Want an even more elegant location? The National Capital Park and Planning Commission in Greenbelt is a good place to begin. You’ll have access to several historic properties that can convert your ordinary event into an extraordinary meeting worth remembering. Sprawling green fields, colorful patches of rare flowers, glorious well-lit halls, and beautiful dining rooms will have you feeling like you’ve become royalty over night.

Finally, the College Park of the University of Maryland is perfect for business meetings, company gatherings, parties, and other celebrations. Gain all the benefits that U of M has to offer, including extensive technology, full service catering, and large speaking halls. The surroundings are lively and brilliant, complete with massive green fields and historically designed architecture.

Have you ever utilized one of these amazing and elegant locations right outside of I-495? If so, what memories do you have of your meeting?