Making The Move To New Jersey: Where To Go

So, let’s just say that you are moving from your town—it can be any town in the country—into the lovely state of New Jersey. It doesn’t matter what reason you had for moving to New Jersey; it could be work-related, an interest of a family member, or perhaps you just always wanted to live in the Garden State your whole life.

The Garden State definitely has quite a bit to offer its residents, whether you are living in luxury apartments in NJ or in a brand new model home. This is the very reason why so many people enjoy the state. If you are planning on moving to New Jersey, there are a ton of places that you need to go to, and many places to consider for a first-time apartment or home.

If you are looking for the perfect place to move to in New Jersey, this guide aims to help you find the absolute best location for you.

If You Like/Work in Philadelphia

If Philadelphia is one of your favorite cities on earth—which definitely makes sense—or if you have recently taken a job offer in this cultural location, then living in the southern part of New Jersey is a definite must. This part of New Jersey is the closest to the city of brotherly love, with bridges almost five minutes away (in some areas.) This is highly convenient for the commuter, or the simple traveler who wants to visit Center City for a night of fun.


If You Like/Work in New York

Let’s be honest, New York is an awesome place. So many people from around the world come to visit New York each year because of all that it has to offer; the shopping, the experience, the chance at fame…and, of course, the high-end restaurants and even the historical sights. However, driving to New York is known infamously as being a nightmare. That’s why living in North Jersey can save you a lot of time and definitely a ton of stress. If you live in the northern part of New Jersey and you take the train to New York, you will thank yourself. Plus, you can still indulge in those adventures to NYC if you live in northern New Jersey!

If You Like the Beach

One thing that New Jersey is famous for is its beaches. If you want to move to New Jersey for its beaches, you are going to have to determine which scene you are looking for before moving. Each beach has its own well-known characteristic or niche—such as Ocean City, for example. This has been known as a nice, kosher, and family-oriented area for years now. However, if you are addicted to the nightlife, Atlantic City might be a better option for you.

New Jersey is a wonderful place to live. Here, you have access to some of the finest cities and shores on earth, which is great for anyone who enjoys making the most out of life. If you are moving to New Jersey, consider these three areas in case the city life or the beach intrigues you.