5 Ways To Bring Your Love Of Religion Into Your Career

5 Ways To Bring Your Love Of Religion Into Your Career

A person’s religion can be their source of emotional strength and their guide through life. Some people find their faith to be so strong that they want to turn it into a career where they can share their testimony with others. There are several ways that you can turn your love for religion into a way to support your family.

Become A Theology Teacher

Theology is the study of religion and becoming a theology teacher is an excellent way to make a career out of your faith. Not only would you be able to help others learn the faith that you follow, but you would be able to learn much more about the origins of your faith than you could have ever expected. If you want to advance your career or become a professor, you may want to consider adding to your resume by taking classes at an accredited bible college.

Become A Member Of The Clergy

One of the more direct ways to bring your love of religion into your career is to be a member of a clergy that brings faith to the masses. Each religion has its own process for becoming a full member of a clergy, but it could wind up being a very fulfilling career. Every church has a different process for becoming a clergy member and salaries vary greatly. Some expect a wide array of volunteer work before becoming full time staff.

5 Ways To Bring Your Love Of Religion Into Your Career

Work For A Religious Organization

If you are an accountant and you want religion to take a more prominent role in your life, then offer your services to a religious organization. You can volunteer to do the books of a local church group and use that experience to enhance your resume, or you can put out resumes to all of the local religious hospitals, churches, schools, and other organizations to establish your career with a religious entity. There are even specific job websites that cater towards church jobs.

Start Your Own Religion-Based Business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then use that to start a business that caters to religious organizations. You could open a religious bookstore, or you could be a distributor of religious supplies. For example, you could open a company that offers robes and other ceremonial supplies to churches all over the world.

Become A Missionary

If you have skills that a missionary organization could use, then put those skills to work for people around the world. A civil engineer could help a village in a third world country to build roadways or create a sustainable water supply. The whole time, you would also be spreading the message of your faith to the people you are helping.

If your faith moves you so much that you feel that it has to be a part of your career, then you do have options. Take the time to consider adding religion to your career path before you take on your next job.