All About Architecture: 5 Factors When Designing Your Home

All About Architecture: 5 Factors When Designing Your Home

You’ve made the decision to build a custom home, and you’re ready to start the design process. This can be overwhelming, and you don’t want to miss any important details. There’s far more to consider than just the size of the rooms and whether you’ll have the sink in the kitchen island. Here are five factors you’ll want to remember when designing your beautiful new home.

Think About the Future and Resale Value

If your family is still growing, then more bedrooms are a wise investment. Three bedrooms may work for your family now, but that could change after a few years and a few children. In addition to rooms for the family members, consider the benefit of having a dedicated guest room or an extra bedroom that can serve as an office or craft space. If you’re planning a retirement home, consider going with three bedrooms to create a better resale value for your estate.

Consider the Long-Term Costs of Key Features

You may love the look of a soaring foyer ceiling, but have you considered the cost of heating all of that empty space? You may like the idea of spreading out the bathrooms around the home, but your construction costs will be lower if the bathrooms are strategically grouped together. Insist on energy-efficient construction methods that will help you keep expenses down as you move forward. There are also features you can incorporate to make your home naturally energy efficient. Banks of windows that face the sun are ideal for capturing sunlight and allowing the warmth to spread throughout the home. In southern climates, use hard flooring materials to keep a home cooler, and design your house with a wide overhang to help shade windows.

All About Architecture: 5 Factors When Designing Your Home

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There’s Never Enough Storage

You may be tempted to shrink the closets in favor of living space, but you might want to rethink that strategy. The fact is that you can never have too much storage. Having spacious closets for coats, groceries and personal items will allow you to keep the living areas of your home cleaner. Walk-in closets aren’t necessary, but you should design closets that are spacious enough to comfortably house items with a little room to spare. For extra insights on finishing touches, consider asking for professional advice from contractors like Perry Homes or ones in your particular locale.

Consider Interior and Exterior Features

As you design the house, you may have a certain idea of how windows will change the look of a room. In addition to considering the interior appearance, you also need to think about how it will look from the outside. Windows should give the home a balanced look, and you probably don’t want the garage door to dominate the front of your home.

Consider the Extras

In addition to closet space, there are other extras you’ll want to consider throughout the home. It’s nice to have little nooks around the property for trash cans, laundry baskets and other necessities. It will take more time to plan out every fine detail of your home, but it ensure that you’ll be rewarded with your dream property.

When designing your home, architectural professionals can help you plan and create the ideal setting and look. However, you’ll still need to consider many important features. Resist the temptation to forego storage space, and consider the little extras you may want in the future. With an eye towards resale value and a focus on what appeals to you, designing the perfect home can be very enjoyable.