5 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

5 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

For most people, lunch time is the best aspect of their entire work day. It is a much needed break in the middle of your stressful day. While most employees use their lunch break to chow down on a delicious meal, this time can also be used to focus on relaxation or enhancing future success. Here are five productive things to do on your lunch break.


Many successful people such as Bill Gates have used brainstorming to spark their brilliant careers. During your lunch, find a very peaceful area with minimal distractions. While in this peaceful state of mind, take the time to brainstorm for new ideas. While you might want to focus on ideas that can further your career, you can also think of ways to improve your daily life.

Hang with Your Co-Workers

Everyone has an innate need to socialize with other people. Before you grab a bite to eat at lunch time, do not hesitate to ask a co-worker or two to tag along with you. Not only will this enable you to develop a stronger friendship, but it will also make your time at work a lot more fulfilling. Although many people like to keep their professional and personal life separate, getting along with co-workers is important so that you can work on projects and assignments together without conflict.

5 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

Take Care of Errands

When most people finally arrive home from work, scheduling a home repair or going to the grocery store is the last thing on their mind. A lunch break provides the perfect opportunity for a busy person to check some things off their to do list. If you are in need of air conditioning service in Phoenix, the servicemen may not even need to enter your home. They can complete the necessary repairs while you are at the job. If you know you are out of milk, running to the store to grab a gallon and keeping it in the break room fridge saves you time when you just want to get home and relax.


Exercising instantly improves your mental clarity and cognitive thinking ability. A 10-minute jog in the park can make a dramatic difference in your overall energy level. During a stressful day at the job, a short workout will also help you to curb your levels of negative stress. Numerous studies have indicated that exercising leads to increased production at the workplace. Whether it’s a short walk around the block or browsing the mall, a little bit of exercise can do a lot to get you through the rest of your workday.

Take a Power Nap

Not everyone is fortunate enough to obtain a good night’s rest. A power nap during your lunch break will help to revitalize your entire body. However, try to avoid drinking coffee during your morning commute. Although the caffeine may keep you alert during the morning hours, it will interfere with your ability to take a nap at lunch time. If you are a heavy sleeper, be sure to set an alarm on your phone so that you get back to your desk on time.

If used wisely, your lunch break can become a very valuable asset that enhances your quality of life. Failing to take a daily lunch break will only add to your frustrations and stress. Even if you are behind on work, it’s a good idea to still relax and take your break. That hour of recuperating can actually help improve your performance to get the rest of your work done.