How Does Transcription Work – A Quick Overview

How Does Transcription Work - A Quick Overview

If you’re wondering just what transcription work entails and whether or not you have the necessary skills to carry out this type of job, the answer is simple because if you boast being to type well and are able to listen to an audio recording that needs to be converted to a text document, then you would be able to work as a transcriptionist or transcriber with no trouble at all. In short, transcription work involves typing an oral or video recording of a report into hard copy or word documents for use online.

How Does Transcription Work - A Quick Overview

A Great Option if You Want to Work From Home

A lot of people like to do transcription work because it allows them to work remotely from home. It’s easy for clients to send them projects either by traditional mail in the form of a recorded tape or via the Internet as a video clip. Once the work is received all that remains is for it to be transcribed into a written, word or PDF document so it can be sent back to the client in an email.

There are many businesses that contract out transcription work which includes the legal profession and the medical industry, with the more common work involving converting a spoken report into a text document. However, people attending seminars may want to record certain speeches and then have these transcribed into a hard copy document for future reference.

A Fast Growing Industry

Transcription services are a fast growing niche industry that’s proving to be invaluable in these modern times when the Internet connects so many businesses so easily. This in turn, means there’s a lot of work out there to be had covering many different industries. The Internet and technology today, has made the whole transcription process that much easier than in days gone by, when it was generally the job of a secretary to take down notes in shorthand and then convert these into a hard copy document for her boss.

How Does Transcription Work - A Quick Overview

With the advent of portable tape recorders, things started to change and with the Internet being very much a part of our infrastructure, the work has become much easier for people to do and carry out in a professional manner without having to be in the office. The bonus of the work being able to be done remotely means businesses can use freelance contractors to carry out the work for them. This naturally cuts down their overheads and its one less salary to pay and office to find for staff.

Mobile Devices Can Record Anything

Today, the technology that people have at their fingertips means they can record anything they hear at a click of a button and this includes on MP3 players as well as sophisticated digital Dictaphones and smartphone devices. Whatever is recorded can be listened to over and over again so that it is correctly transcribed in to a text document which can be done extremely quickly. If the clarity of a recording is poor, it can be filtered so that anyone working on the audio recording gets to work with a clearer sound making their task that much easier.


Transcription work today can easily be carried out remotely which has seen a lot more freelance contractors offering their services to businesses, the legal profession and the medical industries like never before. The technology people have at their fingertips allows them to receive work either via traditional land mail or via the Internet and when completed, text documents can be sent back to clients via an email. This speeds up the process of transcription work considerably making an attractive option for businesses all over the world to use when needed.