What Does “Domain Validated” (DV) SSL?

Domain Validated (DV) SSL

SSL Domain validated certificates (SSL DV) are certified firewall that provide the lowest level of validation available in commercial CAs certificates.

Before a DV SSL certificate can be issued, the certificate issuing authority finds that a contact in the domain in question approves the certificate request. This approval is usually done by email, but can also be made by phone or through alternative methods.

Because the issue of DV certificates usually can be automated, the DV certificates are often offered at much lower prices than high assurance certificates and EV SSL certificates, which require a human element in the process certificate issuance and other validation processes of the organization. GoGetSSL is your trusted one for getting this DV certificate.

Although DV certificates verify the consent of the owner of a domain, do not attempt any of verifying who owns the domain actually. The way it performs domain validation makes this type of certificate is ideal for phishing attacks and man in the middle.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL

What Are the Benefits of EV and Validation of High Insurance?

By maintaining a human element in the process of validation, it is more likely related detecion fraud or phishing activities. In addition, other measures are taken by the staff of validation to ensure that organizations which licenses actually issued having control domains for requesting certificates, and who are registered and in good standing with their respective governments.

This additional element is further enhanced with the issuance of EV SSL certificates. The domain validation certificates incorporate additional checks to verify the authenticity of a certificate request before issuing the certificate, and make the address bar turns green again in the browser and have other identifying characteristics to show visitors page that the page has been this extended validation.

For example, a requirement prior to the issuance of a certificate is that an organization is contacted a number of verified phone (ie a phone number listed in a phone source), and that we get in touch with a person or supervisor checked to verify that the EV SSL certificate request is genuine.

DV SSL certificates are easy to obtain, and provide little value that could be provided by a self-signed certificate which could be created by anyone on any server at no charge. Although validation domain is a valid part of our validation process, is only one of many possible controls SSL.

The evidence seems to suggest that many dangers of phishing attacks could be prevented through increased use and understanding of EV SSL certificates. Since EV certificates provide authentication and are much more difficult to obtain fraudulently, and due to the additional visual cues to users, the more extensive validation features to deter phishing previously available any digital certificate.

We strongly recommend that server administrators who are interested in maintaining the integrity of their own websites and increase consumer confidence using EV SSL certificates.