Mohammed Noor Ul Haq The Reputed Real Real Estate Investor

Mohammed Noor Ul Haq The Reputed Real Real Estate Investor

Mohammed Noor Ul Haq is the leading real estate investor of Hyderabad and Bangalore in India. Sanali holdings FZE owned by Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Khan is a joint venture of the Sanali group. Mohammed Noor Ul Haq commands a huge market share in Hyderabad and now he is currently expanding his business to Dubai. This has been attributed to Mohammed Noor Ul Haq foresight in coming up with solutions in the real estate problems also eradicating them. His company continues to handle major real estate projects in Dubai by producing the most magnificent form of architecture ever imagined in the history of mankind.

Among the shrewd business men, Mr. Noor Haq remains the centre of attention from the nature of transformations he has brought to the real estate industry. His philosophy continues to thrive in making people’s dreams come true by putting client’s imagination into tangible real structures. His wish is that people see the best of imagination through the structures he molds. Its like a dream then turned into reality.

Sanali group is a company that is engaged in construction ranging from infrastructure to housing, shopping malls and residential apartments. Currently, the company is handling several mega projects in the cultural and commercial capital of Dubai in the Middle East. This is a clear indication of just how Sanali group still remains a company to reckon with the able leadership and business acumen of Mohammed Noor Ul Haq. This might be one of the reasons why India IT hubs of Hyderabad and Bangalore sought his company’s expertise.

Mohammed Noor Ul Haq The Reputed Real Real Estate Investor

In India at Hyderabad, he remains the principal structural developer for high end structures. These structures have got heads turning especially from a country that boasts of having the highest number of billionaires. This has continued to earn him the worldwide reputation among his business peers. Getting into the Indian market has made his structures more popular and famous than him as a builder.

Sanali Group has made several structures that include housing units, residential apartment and shopping malls. He has proved several pundits wrong who thought he would not be accepted as a real estate investors in India.

With Mohammed Noor ul Haq‘s vision, the company is bound to go continental very soon. He has shown that Dubai is becoming too small for his great imagination that grows from his home town inspiration. With the steady growth the company is going through, the next time we hear about Mohammed Noor Ul Haq, might be a brand name. He is still considered as one of the most sought foreign real estate investors in India who has mastered the art of blending within the Indian market. One thing that
might be a fact is his nature of learning very fast from his environment. How long will he take to notice other major markets that are ready for him? Could it be that his inspiration comes from his surrounding?

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