Best Way To Play Candy Crush Game

Best Way to Play Candy Crush Game

Candy Crush is a popular online game that has great challenging levels and attractive gameplay which keep players completely hooked to it. The game can be played through Facebook app in your computer or in mobile phone using the Android app. The perks, boosts, and bonuses are best used when you use your system, and also the Facebook version does not need you to pay for the tickets or the boosters.

Having Fun with Facebook

When you have Facebook friends, you can play the game freely without having to pay for the add-ons. Sharing lives and +3 boosters with friends during the game is easy. You get to use credits to buy the boosters and lives. You can also get tickets with the credits if you do not have friends online while you play. The drawback in the Facebook version is that you lose some of your moves when there is shuffling due to the moves being exhausted. When this occurs a few times, the game can get stuck.

Best Way To Play Candy Crush Game

Using Android Version

This is also an equally enjoyable way to play the game. It has the facility of moving through the completed levels without the need to use the module in the lower half of the screen. Redeeming the Facebook credits is not possible here, but the moves are not lost in the reshuffles. However, the combos as well as the cleared items are not as spontaneous when the shuffling occurs. Also the game stops abruptly without saving the progress if the device needs to update which can be vexing at times.

Taking Full Advantage

When you use different devices while you play, new set of lives either 5 or 3 will be given. So if you lose all your lives while playing in your system, you can continue the game with your tablet where you get a new set of lives. Further the levels are updated seamlessly in both the game portal and the app, so you can play the game without interruption.

Skillful Game Moves

The levels in the game can be completed smoothly when you deftly handle the moves. Here are some tips:

  • The combinations and their effects should be utilized to the maximum to get a high score.
  • Wrapped candy with striped candy combo is best for clearing the bottom rows.
  • Striped candy with color bomb is effective in clearing jellies that are present in the corners.
  • Wrapped candy with color bomb forms multiple detonations that annihilate the chocolate squares.

Intelligent Strategy

You can score more if you have a broader perspective of the game. Instead of concentrating on a particular jelly or chocolate square, you should try using the combos to get a more massive clearance. Similarly, letting the chocolates or bomb candies to distract you from the main game can cost you. Instead focus on the moves that give you maximum scores.

Once you get the hang of the game, you can zip through the levels quite easily. As the levels progress, you may need the cheats and tips to move further. The guides featured online will definitely help you get past the difficult levels.

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