7 Reasons Why Having In-House IT Support Is A Waste Of Money

7 Reasons Why Having In-House IT Support Is A Waste Of Money

If I told you that having an in-house IT support team is a waste of money, you would probably think I am talking out of my bottom! After all, if a user has a problem with their computer someone can instantly come over and resolve that problem.

But what if I also told you that there was an even better way of having an IT support team without having to pay such high overheads for them? Many businesses and organisations, regardless of size, find that the cost of having an external managed IT support company work for them suits them better.

Here’s why:

1. Outsourced IT Support is Significantly Cheaper

When you employ staff, you have to arrange their tax affairs and pay towards a company pension. As you probably know, both yourself and your employee have to pay National Insurance contributions for them! Now if you have a team of employees, you can how these costs will skyrocket!

With outsourced firms, you only have to pay an invoice, and they take care of their own tax affairs for their employees!

2. You choose how Involved they are

You might only want them to be available if you need them, or you might want them to monitor your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever your requirements, you decide on how involved they are with managing your IT infrastructure.

3. You benefit from Only the Best

Outsourced IT support companies constantly review and ensure their technicians are properly trained so that they have practical experience of both new and old technologies, software and hardware.

These technicians will have been trained from the likes of Microsoft, Cisco and other key IT companies whose products are used by millions of businesses and organisations like yourselves on a daily basis.

7 Reasons Why Having In-House IT Support Is A Waste Of Money
4. Your Savings can be Invested in other Areas

Because of the savings that you will make by using an outsourced IT support company, you will have a more attractive cash flow and the freedom to invest the money you have saved towards other areas of your business. For example, you may wish to purchase new software or equipment to make your employees more productive and their lives easier.

5. Outsourced IT Support can make you more Profitable

By giving your IT support to an external firm to manage, you could also potentially make even further savings! If your IT equipment is outdated, they can suggest that you upgrade to better systems which can improve the efficiency and productivity within your business, which in turn will help to increase your firm’s profits!

6. They don’t need to be On-site to Fix your Computers

Thanks to some software wizardry, technicians from an outsourced IT support company will be able to remotely connect to your computers and diagnose most problems from their own offices, saving time and money for both you and them!

7. Problems can be Resolved before they Happen

Rather than waiting for something to break and then fixing it, an outsourced IT support firm will be able to monitor your equipment and know when something is about to fail, so that you don’t have to worry about important data being lost forever due to a dead server hard drive!

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