6 Of The Best Careers For Helping Other People

6 Of The Best Careers For Helping Other People

For many people, success comes from improving the lives of others. Helping people is amazingly satisfying and there are several careers that provide the opportunity to make a positive impact on society.

Police Officer

Police officers protect the public, enforce laws, maintain order and routinely put their lives at risk. Excellent decision making and communication skills, the ability to remain calm under pressure and a strong desire to help others are all qualities inherent in a good police officer. Graduation from a police academy is necessary to pursue this career. Though a higher education is not required, a degree in criminal justice or other related field can help in attaining a higher position.


Paramedics are highly trained emergency medical technicians who provide medical care in an emergency. They can perform cardiac support, emergency childbirth and respiratory procedures, bandage wounds, administer IV fluids, stabilize head and neck injuries and much more. Paramedics require completion of EMT-Basic training and 1,000 hours of paramedic training. Some of these can be accomplished at a Calgary medical school.

6 Of The Best Careers For Helping Other People


A teacher serves to educate, inspire and encourage students to reach their fullest potential. An excellent teacher has enthusiasm, creativity, patience, the ability to remain calm under pressure, good communication skills and knowledge in specific subject areas. Becoming a teacher requires a bachelor’s degree in a major field of study such as special education, early childhood education, English or math.

Home Health Aide

Home health aides are trained, certified health care workers who help the sick, disabled and elderly in their own homes. They assist with personal care, household duties and other activities of daily life. Home health aides must be compassionate, responsible, patient and cheerful. Many employers expect home health aides to be certified. Certification can be obtained through educational training facilities such as Abes.

Recreation Therapist

Recreational therapists plan, manage and organize recreation based therapy activities for people with illnesses, injuries or disabilities. Patience, kindness and sympathy are required when assisting clients who are dealing with emotionally and physically painful conditions. Recreational therapists must attain a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation or other associated fields.

Environmental Engineer

Environment engineers use the fundamentals of engineering, biology, chemistry and soil science to find solutions to environmental issues. They strive to improve water and air pollution control, public health, waste disposal and recycling. Due to the nature of their jobs, they work in a variety of surroundings. A bachelor’s degree in environmental, general, chemical or civil engineering is required to become an environmental engineer.