Understanding The Business Benefits Of Cloud Email

Understanding The Business Benefits Of Cloud Email

While the cloud platform has gained a foothold for many business applications, many companies are still clinging to on-site email services out of habit or hesitance to upgrade. Cloud email has many benefits over on-site email services, some of which companies may not initially realize. Everything from electricity costs to IT costs can be reduced through cloud email services and email services can be easily deployed and integrated with an existing on-site system to ease the transition.

The benefits of Cloud Exchange

Hosted Exchange is much less costly than an on-site email system. On-site systems require the purchasing, maintenance and upgrading of equipment, as well as the raw electricity required to power them.

A hosted email service is also more reliable as it is maintained by a dedicated IT staff, and this frees up a company’s IT department to focus on other things. Some companies may even be able to downsize their IT departments through intelligent use of hosted services. Further, hosted email is also highly secure.

Understanding The Business Benefits Of Cloud Email

The Growth of Cloud Email Services

With cloud email services expected to double in the next two years, it’s clear that hosted email is moving towards becoming a technology standard. It’s expected that email will continue to be one of the leading forms of communication in the corporate world and that there will be over 1.1 million corporate email accounts by the year 2017.

Given these staggering numbers, it may become more of a question of when to transition rather than if. Cloud email services are growing not due to a trend but because many companies are seeing the benefits of the technology. As more companies move towards hosted email services, the benefits of these email services will be further developed.

Productivity and Efficiency through Cloud Email Solutions

Like all cloud services, cloud email is a scalable solution. From small to large, all companies can benefit from a cloud platform solution. Hosted exchange services also lead directly to increased productivity as all tasks related to the management and development of the system is handled by the cloud hosting company rather than the business itself. Cloud systems are easier to upgrade and maintain than on-site servers, which means that a company will find it easier to continuously utilize newer technology.

Further, cloud services are more reliable and stable than an on-site server, leading to less downtime. Many hosted email services can also be integrated directly into other cloud solutions, such as help desk ticketing and customer relationship management software. Even better, companies can link an existing on-site email server with a cloud hosting server if desired to get the benefits of both systems.

On-site email servers are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and companies that remain tethered to these obsolete technologies will not be able to remain competitive within their industry. Statistics and growth patterns clearly show that companies are moving towards a cloud-based platform for all business applications, including email exchange. Cloud email is less expensive and requires less overall maintenance than an on-site server while offering a business complete control, limitless accessibility and scalability.