Tips On Finding Quality Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Tips On Finding Quality Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Working in the field of marketing can be lucrative, exciting, and highly rewarding, but find a good entry-level position in this competitive field presents a struggle for many job seekers. That said, there are some key ways that job seekers can improve their chances of snagging a sought after marketing career.

Create a Strong Resume

The first impression that most employers get of a job candidate is his or her resume. If it isn’t eye-catching, it’s likely to end up in the “Trash” folder. The purpose of your resume is to present yourself in the best possible light. That means you should focus on highlighting your achievements and accomplishments. Even if your experience isn’t marketing-related try to convey the ways it still makes you a stronger candidate. Did you have a position where you had to make strategic business decisions? Did you ever have to take a technical subject and boil it down to make it comprehensible for the layman? Both of those skills are incredibly valuable in a marketing role, so feel free to talk them up on your resume.

Tips On Finding Quality Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Seek “Out of the Box” Experience

Even for those who are looking for an entry-level position, it’s always a good idea to seek out and promote any “out of the box” experience you’ve had. It’s not all about your work history – consider pursuing a marketing certificate or a couple of specific courses. “Employers are always looking for people with the latest skills and people who have an interest in keeping their skills fresh,” reports Mohnish Sani of, a site that gives job seekers tips on how to move their search along.  Internships and marketing conference attendance can also help bolster a marketing resume.

Use Social Media

Social media websites are a job seeker’s best friends. Those who are seeking good entry-level marketing positions can use sites like LinkedIn to show off their talents and skills to recruiters and to look for job openings.

Twitter and Facebook are powerful networks to seek out and become an active member of marketing communities. Follow what the industry leaders are saying, and contribute to those conversations and forums.  Once you’ve established a digital presence in the marketing industry, you might be surprised at the number of opportunities which are suddenly open to you.

Having a social presence is especially important for people trying to break in to a position in marketing. Employers like to see that candidates take their own social presence seriously and are capable of marketing themselves properly.

Milk Your Connections

Having connections is an invaluable component of building a marketing career. If you take the advice above about using social media, you should find yourself with more and more marketing connections. Your next step is to tap into that network to get information on potential opportunities. Even if a job in marketing is not open at the exact moment you’re looking your connection will likely remember you the next time a position does open up.

Start a Blog

If all else fails, blog. Blogging is a powerful way to show your dedication to being involved in the digital arena. It’s also a great means to showcase your opinions, thoughts, and experiences with marketing or to offer commentary on the marketing initiatives you admire.  Finally, authoring your own blog content is the best way to help ensure you lock down the top search results for your name [you know, the one employers will be Googling!

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