Pay and Use Display Stands – Increase Visibility of Your Product

Pay and Use Display Stands - Increase Visibility of Your Product

If you want to put your product on a pedestal, in a cube or even on the wall, GPX Group has a display stand to cover more or less every requirement.

Based in the West Midlands, UK, Wrights GPX has a global client base and focuses on high-end perspex and acrylic stands for the retail and exhibition industry. The signature line of clear perspex GPX Group display stands are designed to support and present the product in a near invisible fashion. As it’s clear perspex, too, there’s no need to worry about matching colour schemes.

Injection-moulded perspex is a resilient material that’s used in many industries thanks to its wipe clean surface and ability to withstand the rigours of daily use. Lesser materials can show scratches and marks more easily, which means they need to be replaced more often and that comes at a significant cost.

Pay and Use Display Stands - Increase Visibility of Your Product

GPX Group display stands are also designed to be used in a modular way. They can easily be combined in a variety of fashions to meet the needs of most store designs or exhibitions.

There are a variety of options, from steps or plinths to specific items like clothing displays that fan out to make good use of the available space. There are also simple acrylic blocks that can be arranged according your needs and can be used to build up a display over several levels and a number of wall-mounted options.

GPX Group also offers sunglasses stands and purpose-built display stands for plates and bowls, as well as fully enclosed and lockable display cases for more expensive items. So there are a vast array of off-the-peg items. If they do not fill your needs, you can opt for a bespoke service that can include metal, wood and even photographic quality printing on the perspex. Clients including Ibis Hotels have opted for this in the past and it’s one way to make a display shine.

Using these versatile display tools the companies and the respective brands will be able to develop an innovative focal point and get rid of the mundane styles. These innovative displays are neither too low nor too high that the visitors find it difficult to sift through. In fact the products using these displays are featured at eye level for maximum views. These displays can also be used in versatile themes in a retail to create interesting displays. These options offer optimum visual balance for the brands and retails to make the most of by selecting the appropriate shades in lighter and darker hues. The hanging shelves arranged at varying levels can be used for maximizing space and adding attraction to the POS at the same time. These display tools are ideal to match with any running theme in the retails or other sales outlets. Not only can they be bought in varying colours but they also come in versatile dimensions and styles that can add life to any location or vicinity.

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