Is Outsourcing IT Services the Way Forward For SMEs?

Is Outsourcing IT Services the Way Forward For SMEs?

Digital communication has changed the way we do business and increasingly companies are realising that they must grow and change along with the technology in order to survive. For the large organisation which can afford to operate and maintain a dedicated IT department, ongoing training and the recruitment of skilled personnel provide the flexibility to develop appropriate systems in-house.

The problem with recruiting IT staffIs Outsourcing IT Services the Way Forward For SMEs?

For the small and medium-sized business there are budget constraints to consider. Computing specialists need to undergo constant training in order to keep skills relevant and up to date and these costs alone can be prohibitive. Moreover, the global applications of digital technology nowadays mean that no single person can possibly be skilled in all aspects of computer science.


The person skilled in building computers and providing hardware support is unlikely to be the same person who can create programs, databases and websites. In fact, even these areas are becoming increasingly specialised, with SEO, for example, becoming a recognised skill in its own right.

Smaller companies can also find it increasingly frustrating when using commercial software packages which they find do not adequately meet their needs. A small team of IT support workers are unlikely to have the necessary skills to adapt programs in order to provide the appropriate computer model.

Benefits of outsourcing

SMEs are usually managed and run by people who are experts within their own field, supplying a product or service about which they are extremely knowledgeable. The objective of an IT support programme is to provide strong and efficient support, which is where a knowledgeable and experienced team of dedicated IT professionals can offer genuine help and assistance.

IT support companies employ experts across a range of computing aspects, from database-creation software to company intranets and websites backed up by cutting-edge e-commerce software. From giving your website the edge over your competitors with superb SEO to giving you an outline of benefits of SharePoint 2013 and how it could transform your business model, IT support workers are passionate and dedicated about their own areas of expertise.

The benefit to the small business owner is a completely customised service designed to enhance and benefit the business structure. Integrated services and managed hosting mean that your network and website won’t crash, sending potential customers flocking to your competitors out of frustration.

The managers and sales teams can focus on their work secure in the knowledge that there is 24-hour back-up available in case of problems, which is a service that would be unaffordable to anyone trying to keep the computer systems in house. With no holiday rotas to organise to ensure IT support throughout the year, and no unexpected absences or associated HR problems to consider, outsourcing also allows managers to plan their budgets more effectively.

Good IT support organisations will tailor a plan for your company’s needs, creating the perfect working model and continually updating and enhancing it in line with your exact specifications whilst incorporating all the latest aspects of the technology.