Explore The Deep With Fabian Cousteau In A Unique Underwater Expedition

For those fascinated by the hypnotic wonders of the underworld, the news of the imminent underwater expedition planned by Fabien Cousteau would be greeted with enthusiasm. The grandson of the celebrated ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, Fabian has decided to organize an amazing and innovative underwater expedition, which will be broadcasted live in real time. If you are one, who is tempted by the drama, mystery and the beauty of the natural world while nursing a desire to gather knowledge of this fascinating world of the seas, then this is one show you should look out for.

The expedition is devised to let the group under the leadership of Cousteau to dive down to Aquarius Reef Base. For those who are not acquainted with the name, this is an underwater sea lab located almost sixty three feet down within the well-known Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The lab with a size rivaling that of a typical school bus is 43 feet long and 9 feet wide inside. This is the world’s only operating underwater sea laboratory. The main point of concern and excitement is the fact that the mission is devised to stretch for about a month, when the typical mission hosted by Aquarius lasts about 10 to 18 days.

The team, as chosen by Cousteau, is comprised of three men and three women, and all from science and engineering backgrounds. For Cousteau, this mission is a continuation of his grandfather’s successful efforts in saturation diving during the 1963 mission. This new technique of saturation diving will be experienced by the team for the first time, including Cousteau. The technique has gained renown for its obvious benefits of allowing the divers to explore the deep of the ocean safely for a longer stretch of time, compared to surface-based diving.

Fabian Cousteau, a filmmaker and ocean explorer, plans to use the medium of television broadcasting and advanced technology to conduct research on the various aspects of underwater life, including climate change, pollution and over consumption which are responsible for the deteriorating health of the ocean. Cousteau is hoping that they will be able to garner the attention of the people to the plethora of discoveries and stories of the underwater, still undiscovered till date. The aquanauts will be participating in experiments as well, to assess the physiological and psychological influences of living underwater.

The underwater expedition christened Mission 31 is labeled as an underwater classroom. Through this expedition, the team assembled by Cousteau will share their discoveries and experiences with the viewers through the different mediums like Skype, Weather Channel and social media. By engaging the viewers in a real time way with the experiences and happenings underwater, Cousteau hopes to let the people experience the wonders of the undersea in a unique manner. The team will be conducting scientific research and experiments, filming, broadcasting and interacting with celebrity guests like oceanographer Sylvia Earle. Living underwater is no mean feat and will require extensive trainings to prepare the team for conducting the experiments in a successful manner.