Why You Should Be Using The Cloud

Every business should consider cloud computing for its affordability, accessibility, greener footprint and convenience. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small business or a multi-national corporation; you should be using the cloud. Businesses of any size can benefit from cloud services for each of these reasons.


Cloud file storage is a great resource for small and large companies alike. Small businesses can take advantage of the ability to outsource their IT needs. This reduces the cost of deploying new applications and backing up data. With the same service, large corporations can expedite the deployment of applications while only paying for the IT services they need. During lean times it’s possible to scale back cloud-based services in ways that a traditional IT infrastructure does not allow. For these reason, cloud storage is a very affordable alternative to traditional IT services for businesses of any size.


More and more businesses are giving employees the option of remote work. This allows for better balance between work and family, opens up travel options and saves businesses lots of money with reduced office space requirements. Making these remote working options available requires easily accessible systems and the cloud is the best option for global accessibility. Data and systems can be hosted in the cloud, mirrored around the globe and accessed by employees from wherever they choose to get their work done. Cloud services are ideal for business trips, conferences and remote employees. Best of all, in many ways business data is more secure in the cloud than it is with traditional IT systems.


Running local servers takes up a lot of electricity even before you account for increased cooling costs from hot server rooms. When these systems are collected in a data center it’s possible to develop efficient and environmentally friendly systems to power and cool the servers. Additionally, optimal performance and efficiency are achieved when shared server resources are distributed through cloud services. This way your company only pays for the resources it actually uses and doesn’t waste excess server performance that is underutilized.


When you setup an on-site service, you must be very careful not to select the wrong configuration. For this reason, many IT departments will push for more resources than the immediate need requires. This it because reconfiguring traditional IT resources is very expensive. In the cloud, however, it’s very easy to scale a company’s resources with the click of a button. This gives your company the opportunity to choose which applications to use and switch out the ones you don’t like. For example, you could deploy several competing applications in the cloud at the same time. You can then test and experiment with each before deciding which to keep. Similar experimentation with on-site hosting can be very expensive.

When you compare cloud computing with traditional IT services, the choice is obvious. Cloud computing is more affordable for businesses of any size. It’s more accessible for remote workers, business travel and conferences. By concentrating resources, cloud computing also offers a greener alternative to traditional IT services. On top of all this, cloud computing is more convenient in the options it offers through scalability of services.