VPS Hosting: Is It Reliable?

VPS Hosting: Is It Reliable?

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting provides a hybrid service that combines shared and dedicated hosting capabilities. Although the server technically shares hardware with other servers, allowing for cheaper pricing more in line with the costs of shared hosting, the server is completely isolated, giving it many of the advantages of dedicated hosting. All the benefits in the world won’t matter if a hosting package lacks that one key element of reliability, which is one of VPS hosting’s key benefits.

VPS Hosting: Is It Reliable?

Why Reliability Matters

When it comes to hosting, reliability is the number one concern of businesses, who consider it to be their top priority over both security and cost. Company leaders have good reason to be concerned when it comes to the issue of uptime. Although not every company website generates the revenue of The New York Times, which The Washington Post estimated lost $5.33 per second of downtime during their end-of-summer blackout, anytime a company’s website is down, it’s missing out on potential business.

Is VPS Hosting Reliable?

All servers have the potential to go down, including those a company runs onsite. The secret is to limit downtime as much as possible, and several hosts have gotten the art of hosting down to a science and guarantee 99.9 percent uptime, which is as good as it gets.

In comparison to shared hosting, however, VPS hosting is a highly reliable hosting option. With shared hosting, all the users on a server operate from the same pool of resources, and one resource hog can slow everyone else down. Sites that use too many resources or receive spikes in traffic may be penalized by the host, yet shared hosting is a highly volatile system that has few advantages aside from cost savings.

With VPS hosting, resources are dedicated and guaranteed, and even though companies share the same hardware, they don’t directly affect each other’s operations. This makes the system more secure and reliable. It’s not all about uptime and downtime. How well a site operates is also essential to the user experience.

Why choose VPS Hosting?

In dedicated hosting, a company is basically paying for its own server. This has its advantages, yet it’s a highly expensive option that many small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford and don’t really need. VPS hosting, on the other hand, offers many of the same benefits that come with dedicated hosting, including the ability to control security and install multiple operating systems at a fraction of the cost.

A VPS hosting provider can give clients greater access to their systems, allowing for the installation and configuration of programs that shared hosting plans don’t permit. VPS also provides companies with the ability to install their own security measures. These security patches and firewalls help prevent attacks by hackers and increase a site’s reliability.

Businesses looking for 100 percent uptime guarantees aren’t going to find them, not even with multi-thousand-dollar dedicated hosting packages, and there’s no reason to overspend on dedicated hosting that a company doesn’t need. VPS offers reliability on par with dedicated hosting, with all the customization most businesses need.