CRT Glass Recycling: Disposing Off Broken or Unbroken CRT

CRT Glass Recycling: Disposing Off Broken or Unbroken CRT

CRT refers to the cathode ray tube, which is the glass that you can touch in front of your computer monitor or television screen. Environmentalists have revealed that this glass contains lead, and if thrown in the landfill, it can release highly toxic fumes in the air and soil. That is why, it becomes extremely important that you dispose off your CRT glass carefully. CRT glass recycling is treatment best way to do that, as it is the best process with which you can keep your groundwater and environment safe and clean. You may decide to throw away your CRT glass because it broke, or because it has become outdated and you have replaced your device with a new one. There are different ways of disposing off your broken or unbroken CRT glass. Let us discuss about them in detail.

CRT Glass Recycling: Disposing Off Broken or Unbroken CRT

Disposing off unbroken CRT

Wrap the CRT in a plastic bag or any other packaging material, put it in a cardboard box, and label it clearly. Call a reliable recycling center in your city and ask if you can send your CRT to them. They may ask you to ship it safely and give you the right instructions, or arrange a pickup from your place too. The CRT should reach the recycling center very carefully, so that it does not break, and can be reused.

Disposing Off Broken CRT

If your computer monitor or TV screen broke, you should gather its pieces carefully while wearing rubber gloves. Keep them in a triple layered bag, and call your local CRT recycling center to send it to them or arrange a pickup. When the glass reaches them, they recycle and reuse it with the help of the right equipments and techniques.

The Process of CRT Glass Recycling

CRT glass is considered to be one of the hardest substances to recycle. They have a high concentration of phosphors and lead, both of which are essential products for display. Harvested wire, copper and printed circuit board are sold for money, and leaded CRT is melted to be used in road construction. During the process of CRT glass recycling, the CRT is first of all dismantled, and different materials are separated into copper, plastic, steel etc. After that, clean glass is separated from the lead bearing glass, so that it can be refined and reused in the lighting, bead, fiberglass, automotive or any other industry. Finally, the CRT glass is smelted with an aim to extract lead. Ingots are formed with this lead and sold out at commodities.

So, if you have a broken or unbroken TV or computer monitor at home or office, send it safely to a recycling center in your locality, so that it can be recycled professionally. This is good not only for your household and finance, but for the entire environment too as a whole.