Bwin Sport App Review

Introduction is fast becoming a popular sports website, where you can find information and news about different sports and can also place bets on your favorite games. If you have the luck on your side and you can read different situations of a game efficiently, chances are high that you can make a lot of money. Bwin also has a sports app for smartphone users, allowing them to remain updated about scores and results of their bets. This interesting app is available for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms. Having tested the app on multiple platforms, experts believe that it is one of the finest sports apps in the market.

Bwin Sport App Review

Getting Started

In order to start using the app, you are not required to register for a Bwin account on the website; however, if you wish to take full advantage of the application and use all the features, you must register yourself at However, registration is extremely convenient and all can be done on your mobile phone at the Bwin website.

Free Bet

You are eligible to claim a free bet of up to £20 if you are new to this sports betting website. Without registration or making an account, you can still check odds, fixtures or scores through this application. However, it is strongly advised that you take a few minutes out and register yourself to fully enjoy this app and place bets.


The application is available in many languages like English, Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


If you are using this app on iPhone or iPad, you must have iOS 5.0 or any later operating system. The app has been optimized for iPhone 5.

Performance and Layout

The app works on all smartphone platforms but it performs at its best on the iOS devices. The layout of the app is quite simple and easy to understand but it is extremely effective at the same time. As per the feedback received so far, the app loads quickly and does not slow down the device at all. The performance remains consistent even if you use it for long hours.

Live Updates

Unlike a number of other sports betting applications, this app efficiently provides live updates, helping people put money or right teams and players. If you remain in touch with pre-match and during-match updates, you will naturally enhance your chances of winning more and more money. This feature is extremely important for users who do not have access to a computer or television all the time.

Multiple Bets at the Same Time

Using the Bwin mobile app, you can place multiple bets at the same time on a full range of betting portfolio. This is a great feature especially if there are multiple matches of your favorite sports going on.

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