The Best Online Marketing Tools To Help You Boost Productivity

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Online marketing managers today are, without a doubt, some of the best multitaskers around. Most manage multiple projects for various clients, using different types of online resources and platforms. It can be overwhelming at times. Luckily, thanks to the proliferation of online marketing and those who must master the art of managing it, a great deal of tools have been created recently that can help you make heads or tails out of your pile of work. Here are some categories and suggestions for the best online marketing tools available today:

The Best Online Marketing Tools To Help You Boost Productivity

Project Management

If you need to manage entire online advertising projects, odds are you are in need of a tool to help. Mavenlink is one of the best out there, allowing you to create and manage tasks, share files, keep track of your budget, and observe when others have begun working or finished an assignment. Basecamp functions similarly, although offering less extensive features, and is a bit more user-friendly. Trello is a great site for project management of individuals, allowing you to create a board for each of your employees, issue assignments and check the progress on each one.

Social Media Management

When juggling multiple posts on social media through Twitter, Facebook, or any of a number of other such sites, having a management tool can be priceless. Tweetdeck helps you manage both Twitter and Facebook posts (though not other social media sites), updating you when a post goes live and maintaining a relatively simple layout. Hootsuite, on the other hand, allows you to manage multiple social media sites (including LinkedIn, Google+, etc. along with the classics). It offers a scheduler to help you organize when you want a post made and has a tracker that makes sure you know where you are posting. You can even track the success of your social media campaign by taking advantage of Hootsuite’s analytics statistics. Don’t underestimate the power of social media – Searchmetrics found that 7 of the 10 most important contributing factors in SEO ranking are related to social media.

Search Engine Optimization

Every online marketing manager is concerned with search engine optimization, or SEO. Fortunately, there are a few platforms to help. One of the best online marketing tools is Moz, which allows you to see how your keywords are ranking, compare the success of different keywords, and identify which search engines are sending your site the most traffic. Web CEO Online offers similar services, allowing you to see which links are actually hurting your rating as well. Optify is also rather popular, allowing you to create landing pages and track your inbound links, keywords, lead intelligence, and lead scoring. For more suggestions of the best online SEO management tools.

Organizational Tools

Some of the best online marketing tools are those that simplify some of the most basic organizational needs. Flexadex helps you keep track of all those business cards you tend to misplace, making sure you don’t lose the contact information of new and potentially important clients or partners. Passpak is a great resource for remembering and sharing your passwords, especially when you are managing dozens of projects or sites. Evernote acts as a virtual cork board, allowing you to make lists with text or visual media that can have reminders and can be shared with other parties. Google Calendar works similarly, letting you record your events or meetings in a simple format that can also easily be shared with others.

These are only some of the best online marketing tools available to help you boost your productivity and make your life easier.