Some Legal Tips for Settling Your Debts

In today’s crucial economical state it is the common picture with the people to get the burden of overwhelming debts. In some cases it becomes almost impossible to refund back the loan taken from the credit card companies, from banks or from any other money lending organizations. As a result the collectors are getting the chances to harass the customers by way of making harassing phone calls, sending collection agents who are making the life hell with their illegal activities and there are many more activities that are unwanted but happening. Though there are the laws that can protect these debtors from these hazards but very few of them have the knowledge about it.

It is the law for the collectors and for their agents to practice the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act which they have to follow strictly. If you are being harassed by the threatening phone calls, letters, and the personal visits by the collection agents you can take the assistance of any debt settlement attorney who can and will assist you in this regards. The collectors are needed to stop their activities and correspondence with the customer if the customer notifies them within the period of 30 days that the money is not due. Then the collector has to specify and identify themselves as the bill collector and they have to place the proper names. They have to tell the customer regarding the actual amount of debt what he has owed from them along with the statement of accounts.

If you have taken the assistance of any debt settlement attorney then after serving the notice the collectors have to communicate with your attorney and their will not be any further communication with you directly by them. Then your debt settlement attorney has the best way to reduce the amount of settlement and provide you the most easy solutions what will be convenient to you. After appointing your attorney for your debt settlement your collector will not produce any false statement about the money that you have owed from them. They won’t be able to make any threat or any obscene language to you anymore. They can not threat you with the legal actions or can not represent the legal status of your debt amount.

There are the scheduled and fixed hours for the collectors to contact you, generally between 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., but in any point they must not exceeds the limit annoyance by making several calls to any person who is having the dues with them. Except the consumer they have no right to tell about the dues to any one except the debt settlement attorney whom the consumer has appointed for his case. The debt settlement attorney has the power to go beyond of all the rules that the collectors have to follow once you contact with them and this way you can write down what is your collectors are doing is not permitted by you. To read more about the legal steps how to take legal actions against your creditors please click here.