Ps4—The Immersive Gaming Experience

PlayStation 4 is going to revolutionize your gaming experience by bringing in a completely new gaming console with far improved hardware and elaborately new features. You can now play dynamic and connected games the like of which you have never experienced so far.

PlayStation 4 deals are also quite fair and try to accommodate the customers’ expectations as far as possible. The excitingly wonderful product is the culmination of long seven years research by the people of Sony Entertainment.

Ps4—The Immersive Gaming Experience

The previous version PlayStation 3 was dominated by curves and has a somewhat malleable tone in its shape and look. PlayStation 4 in contrast is a smart twenty first century rugged shaped baby with sharp edges and straight lines.

But Sony people are not content with the shape only, they have brought in similar changes inside too. They have come up with the latest central processing unit and graphics processing unit. The Blue-eye drive is now three times faster than the PlayStation 3.

So you can play more games and watch more movies with PlayStation 4 in your possession. So if we serialize the new features of PlayStation 4, it looks like this

  • Dynamic and community connected gaming
  • High speed and powerful graphics
  • Deeply coordinated social capabilities
  • Intelligent and innovative personalization
  • Intelligent and innovative second-screen
  • Contents incomparable with any other gaming experience
  • Provocative and consuming gaming experience
  • Various digital apps including your most favorite ones
  • Other exclusives from PlayStations

The PlayStation 4 deals: Sony has extended a facility of digital upgrade, although for a limited time, by which during your purchase of disc or the version of your desired games on digital format, you can download its PlayStation 4 digital copy from PlayStation 4 store. This download will be available at discount. You can get the digital version of games like Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, NBA 2K 14, Call of Duty: Ghost.

The main focus of PlayStation is unparalleled gaming experience. They are ready to go to any extent to ensure that the best games with immersive and enthralling experiences can be achieved on its platform. As such PS 4 engages the best game developer of the world and provides them with all the possible inputs so that they can unlock their creativity. The engineers are always ready to innovate all the technicalities to support their all-pervading creative imaginations so that their creative fervour never gets any form of hindrance whatsoever.

The PS 4 system is built around a custom chip which is a powerfully designed chip that has eight cores of X 86-64 and a graphic processor of 1.84 TFLOPS that is as powerful as 8 GB GDDR 5 unified- system memory. This improved software arrangement has made it possible for creating the game easily along with increasing the richness in content. This is the reason why the games in PS 4 are rich in content with high-fidelity graphical expressions and engrossingly immersive gaming experience. Search out the many PlayStation 4 deals and pre-order now for your Christmas gift.

Russell Twain is a graphics designer and creates different characters for cartoons and other animation series.