Now Make Money In Online GTA

Now Make Money In Online GTA

GTA is one of the best ever game that have released till now. This game have already robbed everyone’s heart by its extraordinary graphics design, the way it attracts the players, it was all designed in an extraordinary and simple way. This game bagged many profits than ever till now and reviewed as fabulous and fantastic game than that of the soccer game. In this game we will be involved in some gang and need to complete some of the tasks assigned by a particular Boss or any other people who gives money for doing the assigned task. This is how we can make money in GTA all the versions. So to buy guns and cars we can use this money. Here are some ways how you can boost all the levels and make the game play faster.

Now Make Money In Online GTA

Boost Cars

There are many ways to buy cars in GTA online. Usually it takes $5 to 9 thousands to buy a car in the GTA online. In the same way you can sell cars in the junk yard for $8 to 9 thousand per car. I t will be much better to play or use the cars like Lampadati Felon, Gallivanter Baller, Ubermacht Oracle, Ocelot F620 and few more. These cars run faster than other cars. So, you can escape easily when you are being chased by the police or any other people who are tending to kill you.


Bounty is usually known as the money paid to people for killing. It is usually known as a deal between two gangs or two persons for killing a specified person for money or secrete business deals. So, it is better to watch the players with red icons. It is better to team up with a friend and use a chopper which makes you move fast or escape as soon as possible. You can even pick players by offering some money. With all this killing even you will also get the bounty in which your friend may also kill you for all the money you have. So, be prepared and keep an eye on your friends so that you can protect yourself.

Now Make Money In Online GTA


To survive better then you need to complete level 15 to start the missions, or else you can get into the public place for an invitation from a particular gang for assassinating some people. There are about ten waves, more than two hundred enemies and you are offered with twenty thousand dollars after all the work. As a bonus you can pick weapons and you know that ammo is very expensive.


As you keep on increasing the levels the amount paid to you will keep on increasing from mission to mission. In the beginning of the missions you will be paid less and later after some missions your cost for finishing the mission will be increasing and it all depends upon your performance. It is better to go to a public lobby and stick to a friend and all your fate will depend upon him. You will be paid around fifteen to forty thousand dollars for a higher mission.

Hence, GTA Rock Star Games have announced that people who play online will be rewarded five hundred thousand dollars as an apology for the “lees-than-perfect” GTA Online Launch.

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