How Social Media Affects The Growth Of A Company

The problem that many modern firms face is far removed from the early question of whether employees must use social media at work. Having seen the far-reaching good effect of social media to business profitability and success, the one question that should be on the minds of managers is exactly how to effectively use social media within the place of work. One of the available social media platforms that help enhances employee’s output, abilities and interaction within the company is Twitter.

Hiring the Best Talent

A survey by the Emerging Workforce Study discovered that 45% of workers considered that a company’s presence in social media impacts their choice of a new employer. In short, the more popular the company’s social media presence is; it attracts much more potential employees in return.

One way for a business to enhance its online platforms like Twitter is to take advantage of its employees’ personal accounts. This can be manifested whenever employees send tweets regarding the company’s current events. The combined effect of having many employees on Twitter would add up to a much greater reach than would be feasible with a company’s own Twitter account. This will create greater awareness and reach many prospective employees who would be interested in working for the organization.

Giving employees the freedom in using their own Twitter account while at work will more likely draw in today’s skilled and talented employees and buy twitter followers.  Many such creative minds like venturing into new areas of discovery without too much regulatory issues. With that, most talented employees choose to work in a flexible working place.

On the other hand, the level of productivity at work will be jeopardized if social media is over used. Therefore, any business seeking to maintain the benefits of social media should evaluate the very best way to use social platforms. One way to handle the use of social media may involve greater access by departments that benefit most from its use. Such departments include

  • Customer care services
  • Sales, and
  • Marketing

Enhanced Productivity

A recent study carried out by Evolv (a company that evaluates the metrics of Fortune 500 companies) discovered that the use of social media actually boosts productivity among specific groups of employees. Since Twitter is a very interactive portal for online users all over the world, one can boost their sales and can reach more prospects by simply entering this social media platform. As compared to the employees who aren’t benefiting from the use of social media, these workers are able to close several deals and simply bringing their business to greater heights.

Different companies have also taken advantage of the wide reach provided by Twitter by using their accounts as client care platforms. The concerns, queries and complaints from clients can be conveniently handled by workers through social platforms. Considering this fast and reliable response, the company can attain customer loyalty that will also guarantee long-term sales.

Employees who have regular access to Twitter are much better able to detect views and opinions of the public regarding their company. Besides, any misguided opinions can be directly fixed before it shed a bad light for the company. Also, incorrect information regarding the company can be handled by brand managers as soon as it is detected. As a result, the reputation of the company is left unstained.

Such social platforms as Twitter provide a great opportunity for following up on previous clients of the company. It gives the perfect opportunity for sales personnel to continuously stay in touch with past clients without being obtrusive. This provides the firm greater chances of landing other sales opportunities from return clients.

Employees who achieve prominence and recognition through social media would also bring fame to the firm in which they work. Those known professionals will bring in good feedbacks to the business itself from people on social networking sites. Thus, by building their fame and recognition as reputable professionals on social media, employees would in turn bring fame and recognition to the organizations where they work.

Most contemporary companies have a much more open interaction between the top management and entry level personnel. This can be further enhanced through the use of social media. For instance in Twitter, it will allow employees to interact with sheer honesty among other employees. This will also provide lower level employees an opportunity to point out what they like to say towards the higher level personnel within the organization. This liberates entry-level employees in expressing their unreserved opinions not like traditional emails and memos.

Twitter truly offers a clear line of social communication between workers that promotes understanding and appreciation. Moreover, workers can freely share their ideas, perspectives, and how they see life which can assist them lead to better options. HR managers can make use of this platform into their own benefit. By knowing the current issues that are brewing within the organization; they can deal with each problems by developing helpful strategies and programs that will afterwards eliminate any resistance against the company.

Countless firms organize team building events partly to build closer social interaction among the employees. And one way to considerably enhance social interaction is by way of social media. Apart from the relationship between workers in the work setting, they could also form a bond by sending tweets with each other on Twitter. This can improve team work and cooperation within a business.

The close interaction on Twitter between managers and also other employees will give much better understanding of the skills and talents in the company. This is one method of getting information that is required in the choosing which worker deserves a work promotion. Nevertheless, HR managers can figure out the ideals and values of the staff which also work as a basis for promotion.

Many business organizations know the significance of social media in business management. It has become an important item without which no business can hope to accomplish great heights of prosperity and success. By determining and using the beneficial aspects of social media, both small businesses and large organizations can accomplish greater productivity and long term sustainability.

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