Google Votes Android As Most Secure Operating System

Google Votes Android As Most Secure Operating SystemThe battle between android and Apple users rage on andthe fight never seems to end,almost like team Jacob and Edward from Twilight. Each year we have a different war between celebs, phones, designers or games. The war for the top spot in smart phone operating systems has been raging between Android and Apple for a long time now. People almost forget that blackberry has their own operating system, they just fade into oblivion.Everyday, we get news on what’s coming next from Google Android and Apple.

While Apple tries hard at keeping the iPhone secure by putting so many restrictions when creating apps and when using the iPhone, Android has kept it simple. Android has restrictions on applications that ask for access to your phones information while Apple allows more access.

Google chairman told an interviewer during a conference that he votes Android over Apple. When asked why he simply told them that Apple applications have more access to your phones files then android. Android uses necessary information to allow the application to work properly while Apple allows applications to ask for access to anything they deem fit.

Apple might not allow you to connect as easily to other phones or even your computer whereas Android allows easier access to these functions. Android has built in security that has been created by top software designers. The security is top notch and has been tested by many hackers. The phones security is put into place way before the phone is even complete.

Apps have to have very good reason to access your files as well as proof on how it is used. Apple allows software creators to ask for any information, leaving it up to the user to decide which is not necessary. Android also asks for permission but when they ask you know that it is required for the application to run properly. In Apple’s case you might think that it is needed when you could decline and it would still run.

We took an application featured on both platforms and put it to the test. Gmail can be downloaded from either platform. When downloaded on Android you are asked for access to the internet and your contacts. This is important for email addresses in your contact list as well as an internet connection to run your application.

When downloaded from Apple you are asked the same two questions with an additional one. The question is for access to your location. Why would your email need your location? This is troubling and makes no sense. It is not to say that Gmail is a hacker’s tool but the difference starts ringing alarm bells in your head.

Google’s chairman might a lot more than the average smart phone user and hi advice was freely given. At the end of the day it is what you grant access to. Android takes most of the unnecessary links to your phone away making it an easier decision for you. This takes the guesswork out and you know each question has a valid reason; seems android is winning this war.

About Author: This article has been written by Alice, who is a passionate technology geek. She works for MightyAndroid, the website which really cares about people’s Android phone security and helps them to avoid different problems connected with it.