7 Benefits Of Having Roller Racking In Your Workplace

7 Benefits Of Having Roller Racking In Your Workplace

Roller racking, sometimes referred to as ‘mobile shelving’, is an innovative, useful and extremely practical storage facility. It is used to describe storage units fitted to a wheeled traction system.

A track is installed into a desired area in the workplace, and the shelving units can be rolled backwards and forwards along this track. While it may seem like a simple idea, this is a brilliant solution that solves lots of issues that face the work place, including saving space, money and time.

There are many fantastic advantages to having roller racking in your workplace; here are just seven of them.

1) One Access Aisle Only

One of the biggest advantages of having roller racking in your work place is that you only need one access aisle. Unlike the usual static storage solutions, roller racking moves on the track, so you can simply keep all the shelving together until you need to get in-between to retrieve what you want.

7 Benefits Of Having Roller Racking In Your Workplace

Roller racking is fitted with handles, which make it so easy to move the units apart. As soon as you have identified which unit you want, you simply create an access aisle by rolling the units along.

2) Save Space

As a result of only ever needing one access aisle, you can save a lot of space. Space is definitely a precious thing in most work places, so the more effectively you can use whatever room is available, the better!

Roller racking can even be installed into the awkwardly shaped spaces or even wide corridors, making it a very flexible and ideal storage solution.

3) Instant Access

Some businesses find that they simply don’t have enough room to store lots of papers or products on site, so they have to pay for more storage elsewhere. This can mean that records or products are not instantly accessible for staff members, which can cause delays and problems with the flow of work or even customers complaints.

The great thing about roller racking is that it provides a storage solution that takes up a lot less room then more traditional methods. This means that more can be stored on site in the work place and people can have instant access to the items they might require. This can, in turn, speed up the work process and even result in happier customers.

4) Cost Effective

Roller racking is very cost effective for a number of reasons. While the initial cost of installation may be slightly higher than static storage, it is definitely an investment that you will see a return on very quickly. Checkout http://www.storageaspects.co.uk/shop/mobile-shelving-roller-racking-repairs-servicing/ for a range of options and advice on how to achieve an ROI.

If you can store more items in your workplace then you do not have to pay for extra storage offsite, a direct and immediate saving. As it allows staff member’s instant access, it can also save time by speeding up your business, and the old saying rings true: time is money.

5) Completely Safe

It’s very important that you abide by all the health and safety regulations that are in place today. While roller racking has the potential to be another health and safety issue, it was designed with this is mind and is actually one of the safest options on the market.

There are two types of mechanisms for creating the access aisles: pull handles and electronic handles. Both of these options are completely safe and very easy to operate.

6) Increase Stock Room Capacity

Another of the major benefits of installing roller racking into your work place is that it increases the stock room capacity. As previously mentioned, roller racking can save you a lot of space, which, in turn means that you can store more products.

7 Benefits Of Having Roller Racking In Your Workplace

Having a greater stock room capacity is a very efficient means of working and can ultimately help you to provide a quicker turnaround, resulting in your businesses revenue and reputation increasing.

7) Keeps Everything Tidy

Finally, while it might seem quite simple, at the end of the day, roller racking is a brilliant means of keeping the work place tidy. Roller racking provides more storage space so that things aren’t lying around. It can have a great effect on the overall appearance and tidiness of the workplace.


Roller racking is a brilliant storage solution for any workplace. This innovative and practical idea is an incredibly successful means of storage that has lots of advantages.