5 Reasons To Insure Your Personal Gadgets, Smart Phones, Tablets, and More

5 Reasons To Insure Your Personal Gadgets, Smart Phones, Tablets, and More

Have you thought about what would happen if you lost your smart phone or tablet? With all of us being so mobile all the time now, how would we get by just a day without it? But despite how important we know these personal tech gadgets are, we rarely think about insuring them. Why? Because we don’t think it will really happen. But it does, everyday, to someone. Here are some other things to think about regarding getting insurance to protect our gadgetry:

5 Reasons To Insure Your Personal Gadgets, Smart Phones, Tablets, and More

1) It’s Easy to Lose

It’s a simple and obvious fact. Anything small is easy to lose. How many cell phones are accidentally dropped in the water, down the toilet, or end up getting immersed by the tide on the beach? It happens all the time, so why not protect yours from unseen disaster. If you have HOME GADGET WARRANTY insurance, then you’re covered. If something happens, no worries. Sure, you’ll have to download your favorite apps again, enter your contacts, and what-not. But at least you’ve still got your phone!

2) It’s Really important to your Life

Think of how many people your smart phone or tablet connects you to..your wife or husband, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, your business customers, your pastor, your son’s boy scout leader, even people you don’t want to be connected to like your boss, your mother-in-law, and all your bill collectors! But all kidding aside, if you lost this, you lose the connections too, at least for awhile. And if you are a business person, awhile is too long.

3) It means you don’t Lose Money

Some of the hassle when you lose something like your cell phone is the expense of replacing it. When you purchase a new IPhone or similar gadget, you hand over several hundred dollars. Do you want to do that all over again if you misplace or lose the item, or get it damaged from carelessness? If you have a HOME GADGET WARRANTY, you won’t have to worry about it. The gadget will be replaced free of charge, with no lost money. What a relief!

4) It’s Easy

Once you have the insurance, the process is easy. The minute you lose your gadget, just call and report it to your insurance company and state that you have a HOME GADGET WARRANTY on the item. They will replace it free of charge. It’s that simple, so you get to keep on with your life, without the hassle.

5) It’s Inexpensive

Considering the cost you’ll have if you have to replace it, gadget warranty insurance is a good idea, especially for those hard-to-replace or expensive items you invested in that make your life so much easier.

As you can see, while you may have thought before that gadget warranties are just a waste of money, that is only true if you don’t use it. And even then, wouldn’t you rather sleep better at night knowing that your smart phone or tablet is protected in the event of theft, loss, or irreparable damage? Remember it’s true that your gadgets are small, but they are worth a lot to you.

Sara Wells is a writer who blogs on behalf of companies like Protectyourbubble.com, an ID Theft services provider.

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