Things To Know About A Manufacturing Engineer Job

Manufacturing engineers get higher initial salary than other degreed professionals. The job profile of a manufacturing engineer may range from product designing to development, from analysis to maintenance and lots more. Having a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is the minimum requirement to apply for such a job. It is relevant to mention here that the engineering and manufacturing jobs Taiwan are quite sought after.

Typical responsibilities

Being a manufacturing engineer, you have to look after technical management including development and maintenance of new as well as existing production lines of a manufacturing company. If you can perform allotted works efficiently, you can move into managerial positions like plant or production supervisor. Typical job responsibilities of an engineer may include:

  • Managing and maintaining budget
  • Planning
  • Looking after financial and statistical records
  • Overseeing technical and engineering staffs
  • Buying and installing equipments
  • Taking required action in case any machine breakdown
  • Identifying the faults
  • Looking into production issues
  • Planning and managing the process of maintenance
  • Repairing equipments
  • Coordinating with clients, suppliers and development staffs
  • Innovating new and productive processes
  • Making necessary improvements to present operations in order to enhance efficiency and production

As a manufacturing engineer, you may need to work in shifts and attend urgent calls, especially if the manufacturing equipments you supervise are in a continuous 24×7 operation.

Basic qualifications

To become a successful manufacturing engineer, you need to have an M.Engg degree in manufacturing, electrical, mechanical or production engineering. Moreover, you must have competed a 4 years’ vocational training with an employer of repute. Post graduation or relevant experience though not essential, but can add strength to your resume.

Professional bodies often produce job vacancy lists which are usually obtainable to the members. You can have experience and idea related to concerned job by means of presentation, sponsorship, vacation works and last but not the least, ‘year out’ placement in an accredited company.

Basic skills  

To become successful as a manufacturing engineer, you must possess below mentioned skills.

  • Capability to work effectively under pressure
  • Ability to meet deadline
  • Commercial attentiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good leadership quality
  • Ability to lead a team
  • Computer awareness
  • Knowledge of Internet
  • Other related IT skills
  • Expertise to analyze
  • Needed technical knowledge

Typical manufacturing companies

Being a manufacturing engineer, you can get employment in a production and processing company like automobile/ drink/food manufacturers. Whenever such companies are in need of efficient and skilled manufacturing engineers, they post ads through employment agencies and career services in local and nationwide newspaper and IT journals. They also post ads on the Internet.

Manufacturing engineers are basically designers. They also perform as analytical and innovative thinkers. Although they operate on own initiatives, yet they essentially work as a team member with other engineers from different disciplines. They may also need to work with people from other fields like health and safety, finance, accounting etc. therefore, if you have required qualification and have the ability to maintain the job profile, you can surely apply for the job of a manufacturing engineer.

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