The Right Location For Your Start-up Office

Which can be the ideal location for my start-up office?

The question appears debatable, especially when the processes can be controlled through the e-mail or text messages, irrespective of the place. The office in today’s circumstances may be set up anywhere, it hardly makes a difference. Or does it??

Wait till you read through this list of the reasons justifying why the right location is necessary to have your office set up there:

The Right Location For Your Start-up Office

Hire Talent from nearby Universities:

It is more important for the small business set-ups who prefer temporarily hiring of the candidates for a specific job, rather than the salaried employees. Based on what the business is, identify the top universities which excel in the related course. The graduates are enthusiastic about the vocational jobs as they earn a bit extra for their pocket money. You will find the talent here, bundled with ideas and a thirst to innovate.  Even for the hiring of the permanent positions in your company, be near the community which is educated and diversely talented.

Stay Close to Your Motivators:

If there is a team of entrepreneurs who you think is consciously or unconsciously mentoring you try to spend the quality time by being in a close vicinity to them. While you are satisfied with this great company, there is a lot to learn from them in the process. This is especially crucial when you find yourself short of a new business idea. For the young and new entrepreneurs, there are frequent situations when they need a professional advice. It is much easier to set up the formal meetings if the two parties are close to one another.

Share Thoughts with Local Community:

If the local start-up community shares your own thoughts and ideas, it is much easier to get adjusted there. Being amongst the mass who think your way can be exceedingly relaxing. Your busy schedule may not allow you to move much far everyday for the recreation. Talking about the common subject of interest when you stop to greet the people can be refreshing.  Ideally, this is the location where you always dreamt of staying. This is more personalized than the profession oriented.

Prefer Being Close to Venture Capitalists:

The investors are always on the lookout for great ideas. Surprisingly, they are found to be more interested in a small enterprise than the larger ones. If you are new to the business and struggling to secure funds for your initial projects, have an office which is close to the venture capitalists. It will minimize your delay, every time you have a new idea which needs the sponsors. This leads to the long term relationships where both the parties drop in on the way and close a deal of some sort. The formal meals and coffee breaks between your investor and yourself can have some very fruitful results.

Consider an Easy Commutation:

You may have an office out of the busy city. You may be preferring an equally peaceful and noise free surrounding for your office. But consider whether the staff that you hire will find it easy to commute to that place. This is important. Take an example of a young out of college graduate whom you plan to hire. Along with your employment letter, he may be having a few other options as well, considering he is worthy and talented. If your office is located at a place where it takes 2 hours to drive, you are on the verge of losing this young man to the other nearby companies. The same applies to the rest of the staff.

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