The First 3D Projector: The BenqW1500

The First 3D Projector: The BenqW1500

We came across many projectors till date. We use to watch movies or some shows and even present some seminar presentations and so on. Once upon a time we used to adjust the projector once moved from place to place and even we found it bad to fetch a plug to insert for power supply. Those projectors which project the images are visible only in dark rooms. So, to make everything convenient to us Benq developed a projector which has all the extreme and ultimate features which are supportable and can be used in any part of the environment.

The BenqW1500

The First 3D Projector: The BenqW1500

The BenqW1500 projector is the first 3D projector that came into the market recently. It has all the operations that can be performed very fast that any other projector till date. The BenqW1500 is the world’s first 3D home projector with full high definition quality with built in wireless technology. We can use this projector in any room despite the change in the environment, size and brightness. It also supports frame interpolation for ultra smooth motion quality. It will work through wireless home digital interface, in the sense we can connect to computers, smartphones, notebooks with the help of wireless network. We can even use the projector for gaming purposes. Where ever you place the projector we can watch the video with full freedom and flexibility with the help of 1.6x zoom capability. With this 1.6x zoom capability we can place the BenqW1500 in any part of the room, that is, either in front of the wall or far away from the wall. Where ever you place the projector we can watch the screen with very high resolution and more big than ever.

Conversion of 2D to 3D

It can convert all the typical 2D content into 3D content without any extra charges and minimum 3D contents. The BenqW1500 is equipped with the latest DLP technology which helps the users to watch all the Blu-ray, DVD and play games in 3D version.


As the 1st DLP whole to include Philip’s Image Care technology into its projector lamp system, BenQ has taken a leap any, developing its own SmartEco Technology to good what DLP will do for energy saving within the twenty first century. The BenqW1500 brings along optimized lamp life without any compromise in brightness and exquisite image quality.

Frame Interpolation

The First 3D Projector: The BenqW1500

Frame Interpolation technique is used to make the image free from blur or judder to give the user one of the high quality image or video especially in fast moving scenes while watching movies and playing games. We can even watch the visuals with 10,000:1 contrast ratio, which will be more clear than a normal projector. By using this, we can watch all the deep and dark contended image or video with full high definition resolution.

The BenqW1500 has inbuilt dual 10W speakers which are more clear and it is waste of extra or external speakers.The manufacturer will even provide WHDI adapter and a pair of 3D glasses while purchasing the product.

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