The Coolest Tips and Tricks With Galaxy S4 – Explore Them To Know

Owning a Samsung Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly a dream come true in more ways than one and why not considering the fact that it’s such an amazing phone. It boasts of some amazing features and there are certain tips and tricks associated with it that you couldn’t possibly do without. In fact, it’s because of these awesome features that make it super special should you go for Galaxy S4 protection from for it protects this amazing phone of yours and that too in more ways than one.

The Coolest Tips and Tricks With Galaxy S4 – Explore Them To Know

Some Cool Tips and Tricks involved with Galaxy S4

Here are some rather cool tips and tricks involved with Galaxy S 4 which you should acquaint yourself with thoroughly so that you’re able to make the most of it.

  • The Home Screen Mode:

All you need to do is choose the particular Home screen mode that best suits your personality or perhaps mood and see it making a world of difference. You’ll see the Basic mode goes on to display the predictable layout for apps and widgets, while there’s also the Easy mode. This one actually goes to provide you with a rather simplified Home screen experience. It can literally leave you thrilled as a first-time smartphone owner.

  • The Camera Modes:

Here it’s a different view and a different world altogether with the so-easy-to-use interface in the Galaxy S4 camera. Apart from this are also included quite a few automatic modes. Now these automatic modes are essential for they help you take the perfect shot each time. There’s actually a variety to choose from be it Best photo, Auto, Animated Photo Beauty face, Drama, Eraser, Panorama Best face, Rich Tone HDR, Sound and Shot Night or Sports. The best bit perhaps remains the Carousel display mode where you get to see descriptions of each mode. This ultimately helps you choose the right one.

  • The SAFE bit:

You can’t be too safe ever, can you? Of course not! Just like there’s to keep your Galaxy S4 all safe, similarly there’s SAFE with extended capabilities of certain devices. This becomes all the more indispensable when you’re out of office so that you can set message right from your device. This is essential for it lets your colleagues know that you’re on vacation plus it goes on to offer alternative contact info.

  • The Air Gestures involved:

All you’ve got to do is wave your hand over the screen. You should do this each time you see the Air gesture indicator in the status bar. This helps you activate various features like Air scroll where you get to scroll to the top or bottom of a list. Then there’s Air browse which helps you move to the previous or next item of content and so many others.

  • The Smart Gestures there:

Did you actually know that now you’ve got the opportunity to also control your very own Galaxy S4 through physical motions. For example, you could lift the phone to your ear so that you can dial the contact which is currently displayed on the screen. Then again you could cover the display with your hand. This should actually help you mute or pause any playing sounds.

Now that you’re aware of the above cool tips and tricks, it obviously becomes all the more essential for you to own the right insurance protection. This would actually help you protect the device from any unnecessary damage at the end of the day and that’s a great relief. You can’t really leave things up to chance when it comes to a device like this, can you?