Right to Know? Sharing Information with your Audience

Your audience are the ones that keep your business going make it successful and secure its place within the relevant industry. They are the focal point of a company and the reason for its services and products and strategies and plans are built around the ways in which customers are targeted to ensure the livelihood of the business. The general public have a strong voice and their opinions are vital to the very reputation of a company and the way and frequency in which it is used. It is not simply businesses that are reliant on the public; every position is dependant on the audience and their level of involvement. Celebrities, charities, retail stores, they are just some of the industries and positions that need to the public to propel and support them in achieving their purpose.

Politicians are one area that are entirely dependant on altering and manipulating the way the public perceives them and the level of support relies on public opinion, politicians are aware that the public play a vital role in their personal success and the victory of their accompanying political party. The exchange of information, whether it is good or bad is a must, the audience have a right to be kept constantly up to date with any information which may affect them, the political parties in power takes government proposal writing very seriously as it is a way of informing the audience of the suggested and impending changes which will directly affect them.

The changes may not always be accepted, embraced or even liked but they are very real possibilities and they need to be made aware as soon as possible. This will sometimes lead to votes, gaining the public perspective, or even affect the position of the controlling political party, no matter the outcome or the reaction, the public has a right to know and be kept informed.

This is still relevant to businesses and companies, the public are the targets of most companies and they are the most influential factor in the success of a brand. They are the ones that use the products and services, which support a company and explore and secure the idea of brand recognition and loyalty. The amount that companies inform the audience and what they inform them of has to be down to the discretion of that brand, it depends greatly on how reliant they are on public involvement and the way in which the public affects them and their intention.

Maintaining a high reputation is essential to each industry and niche and this needs to be considered before too much information is released. Some things are a must, they need to be shared and exchanged whilst there are elements that can attempt to be hidden within the company. The level at which brands are willing to share depends greatly on their current position, highly respected companies are able to divulge company information with little concern over losing too great a following whilst smaller brands have to work harder to build and maintain a support system.

The sharing of information is important for many reasons, the amount of information and the topics that are shared are discretionary but the involvement of the publics can make or break a company and encourage its growth and success in the relevant industry.

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