How Can Having a Newsletter Ad Platform Attract Customers?

If you are trying to grow your business, you need to advertise your product or service. Think about it — would you know what GEICO is when it comes to car insurance, or Jacoby and Meyers when it comes to law firms, or even what Sonic offers when it comes to fast food, unless you saw ads promoting the product or service? Sonic, for one, has been able to make inroads at becoming a popular fast food choice precisely because of all of the ads they run. That meant that when the restaurant opened franchises in the Northeast region of the United States, fans were excited enough to wait hours in line, because they had seen national Sonic commercials for years, and were excited about the product.

So advertising is important. And internet advertising is even more important if you are trying to reach a particular customer, especially, if you don’t have an ad budget like Sonic! There are a variety of internet ads you can do, from Google AdSense to banner ads to popup ads. But one type of advertising you really ought to consider is email advertising. It is not only affordable, but it can help you target your market. And doing email advertising with a newsletter ad platform is an even better way to reach your audience. A newsletter ad platform can not only help you place your ads in email newsletters that will work well for you, but it will take care of all the administrative issues with the newsletter ads.

How the platform for newsletter ads can work

For example, if you sell duck call products the way the Duck Commander devices are on the popular TV show “Duck Dynasty,” you might want to run ads in a hunting and fishing newsletter to attract possible customers. That would be a natural target for potential customers.

You can also run your ads in a more general interest newsletter, but only target specific readers. For example, you could have the ads only show up in people in your area, or subscribers of a certain age or gender. Depending upon the demographic information collected by the email list, you may even be able to reach only those subscribers of  a certain income. This can be very helpful when it comes to tailoring your email ads to reach the customers — or potential customers — you want, and nobody else.

In addition, one of the advantages of the email platform is this — you can have the ads administered when and when you want to. You do not have to deal with that portion of the business yourself — when it comes to newsletter ads, sites like LiveIntent can take care of that for you. That can save you time, money and energy. Instead of having to run around placing newsletter ads, the email platform administers that for you.

In addition, the ads can be dynamic, and change as the times change. For example, if you have an ad tied in with spring, but the reader does not open the email until the fall. You can have the ad changed to when the person opens the email, and switch out the spring email ad with a fall one. That is a great deal.

So when it comes to newsletter ads, you may want to consider an email ad platform. Good luck.


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