Cloud Computing News and Trends That Shape Investors’ Future Business Perceptions

Cloud computing has long been considered as one of the hottest and most useful ventures of the IT world and business in general. Most investors are geared to expecting long-term opportunities and massive returns with their technology investments on cloud. The sector continuously evolves by acting as a general umbrella term for other solutions like storage, data analytics, mobile, integrations, security, hosting, operations and information technology services.

Shape Investors’

The Trends You Should Watch Out For

Like any other kinds of technology, the cloud is continuously undergoing developments. This year, here are a few things which business owners and managers should be aware of:

  • Marketing tools are now cloud-based. This is basically considering how the sales industry has turned to take the advantages brought by cloud-based advertising tools. Almost all companies relying to the information highway and technology seem to understand that they can operate more effectively if they would have the right data to help them engage with clients. Data analytics becomes a reliable basis for marketing as it allows companies to assess consumer needs at a broader perspective.
  • Capital Efficient Cloud Solutions –

Most companies are now geared to enabling vertical industries in promoting capital efficient cloud solutions. Vertical solutions are now much different from horizontal solutions where the market leader is entitled to gain ten percent of the market.

  • Platform Services growing more quickly –

Platform as a service is just a small aspect of cloud computing technology and yet, more and more businesses are bound to opt for applications that could save them from worrying about underlying infrastructure.

 The Public and Private Cloud Markets

The earliest developments have now transformed into outsourcing platforms and infrastructures to the public cloud while also running sensitive information inside the private clouds. Some analysts say that cloud computing allows the enterprises to be productive in having things completely and satisfactorily done while also maintaining the existence of data center. The trend is considered to be much more cost-effective and better alternative as compared to other cloud features.

People tend to hinder themselves from spending much on hardware capitals. People are recently much focused into core competencies where IT services are becoming a commodity which can be directly purchased from cloud service providers.

According to a study done by the 2013 Cloud Computing Review report, by the end of 2016, the annual growth rate for cloud market revenue is expected at 36%. This study has involved about three hundred respondents from various aspects of the cloud computing markets. It is expected that the elasticity of cloud services can lead to more beneficial data growth. Cloud offers a particular technology to businesses without the capacity to support their in-house data.

The use of cloud services can save managers from paying for other capitals because they can be addressed with one payment for a cloud service provider. It does not matter which kind of cloud use you opt for. What matters is that you are availing of services that could ease out the operation and handling of your priced enterprise.