Water Bottles As Business Building Strategies

Amongst the various gifting ideas that have become quite successful over the past many years, there is little doubt that water bottles occupy a pride of place. There are a number of advantages available when we decide to go in for these bottles in our bid to strengthen and deepen business relationships. Let us over the next few lines to try and learn a bit more about the exciting world of opportunities and possibilities of gifting water bottles. 

How CamelBak Bottles Can Help 

While understanding the fact that water bottles can indeed make good gifting ideas, it is very important for us to keep in mind that choosing the right brand is also very critical. One cannot expect great recall value out of gifted water bottles that are not very well known. Whenever one gets a water bottle as a gift, he or she in most of the cases would like to carry it around either to their workplace or for any other purpose. Hence, the bottle should be strong, sturdy, good looking and be able to withstand the vagaries of time quite reasonably. 

Keeping the above few factors in mind, many companies (big or small or old or new) do not mind spending money on water bottles that have big company names to support them. Whenever we talk about water bottles amongst the many names that come to our mind is CamelBak. They are without any doubt one of the most experienced and successful names in marketing some of the best water bottles that history has seen. Hence, using their brand name and customizing water bottles as gifting ideas is indeed something that could reap rich dividends for many companies. 

Investment Vs Expense 

When spending money on these branded water bottles as gifting ideas, we have to bear in mind certain important things: 

  • These expenses are to be considered as an investment for future growth and should never be seen as an expense. 
  • As businessmen, you should know which specific target segment to concentrate on using such CamelBak bottles. 
  • Companies should learn to play the waiting game and should not expect miracles out of these gifted water bottles. The gestation time for getting return could vary from product to product and hence patience is an important ingredient for success. 
  • Choosing the right shape, size, design and other parameters also goes a long way in ensuring better success of such marketing and advertising ideas. 
  • Being informed and knowledgeable helps businessmen to come out with some path breaking ideas as far as the design of these water bottles are concerned. 


A few important factors such as being socially responsible and opting for quality plastics will also go a long way in helping build relationships with customers and stakeholders. You should be able to innovate and come out with new ideas should you continue to run such gifting ideas on a continuous basis. Towards all these objectives, knowledge is very important and there is no better place than the internet to get such knowledge. 

Author Bio

Amber Collins is an accomplished blogger and part-time chef. With a background in marketing and sales development, Amber uses LovePromos for her clients when they need CamelBak Bottles and printed promos. Follow Amber on Twitter at @cosmiclee